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Top 11 Beautiful Beaches in Germany

When it comes to beaches, the finest sand across Europe is located in Germany. Throughout the year it is not the swimsuit weather time, but during the warmer months of summer, every inch of sand is covered by people enjoying it. July and August offer the best temperature to visit any of the beaches and take a splash in its water. These are usually the crowded months for the beach filled with lot many visitors.  To avoid the crowd and have a pleasurable time, locals visit those beaches in the month of May or June.

 Beaches in Germany are also famous for surfing, sunbathing, sporting games other than swimming. Make space for yourself and your beach towel at these 11 best beaches of Germany.

Quiet Langeoog Beach in Langeoog

Langeoog beach is the best gateway to the quietness that is situated on the North Sea island. No cars are allowed on the beach and hence people can only travel through horse driven carriages and bicycles. There also runs a short rail line that travels between the main town and the beach port. It is a long beach with white sand that stretches itself through the island length amidst a lot of colorful strandkorb which keeps the wind away from you. The place is very perfect for picture lovers.

Langeoog Beach

The Sunniest Binz Beach in Rugen

As the sun averages here of about 1800 hours every year, which makes Rugen as one of the sunniest places in Germany. Rugen is also the biggest island in Germany that is occupied by a lot many stunning beaches. Because of the splendid turquoise water, lovely white sand, white chalk cliffs, aged forest, Rugen has been one of the most popular destinations since decades that has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Binz Beach

Of all the beaches of Rugen, Binz is very famous and attracts many tourists every year. It’s sandy shores stretches itself to 60 km. The beach also has piers, promenades and very fascinating seaside resort that stands there from the 1800s.

The Nude Lubmin Beach in Griefswald

Germany has the culture of nudity at many of its beaches. On the beach of Lubmin, there exist the German famous movement of free body culture on its Baltic coast. Apart from the beautiful beach, what lures tourist are the surrounding pine forest, ravishing scenery, and the rugged cliffs. If you don’t want any further tan on your body, you can indulge yourself in outdoor activities like horseback riding, fishing, and hiking.

Lubmin Beach

Lake Beach Wannsee in Berlin

Unlike other European countries, Germany does not have a large coastline, but then also there are many inland lakes which are huge and astonishing. The biggest lake in the Berlin is the Wannsee lake which is filled with lot many locals and visitors on hotter days in summer. The lake is the best destination for sailing and apart from these, it has few gorgeous white sand beaches. One can enjoy the lake, beaches, and surrounding without going too far from the city.

Wannsee Beach

Luxury Westerland Beach in Sylt

One of the destinations where wealthy people chose for relaxing is the Westerland beach of the Sylt.  The northern region of Germany having very odd shape is Sylt which is also called as ” Queen of the North Sea”  that nearly has around 25 miles of pristine beachfront.

Westerland Beach

 Westerland beach is situated on the west coast of Sylt that consists of splendid sands and fancy hotels along with peaceful waters. Visitors are fascinated by the seaside sunset on the beach.

Noisiest Ahlbeck Beach in Usedom

The favorite summer destination that is divided between both Poland and Germany is the Baltic Sea Island of Usedom. It is also called as the sunny island as sun showers highly here. The sands here are popular as “singing sands” because they produce ghostly sound when the wind blows in the perfect manner rubbing the sand particles together. It also has a touch of the luxuries of past as the island was a famous destination for the monarchs and Emperors of Germany.

Alhbeck Beach

Ahlbeck beach in Usedom is very popular among tourists that has long sand stretching along with many German beach chair. Visitors can tan themselves taking a sunbath or can indulge themselves in leisure activities like cycling, thermal spas, and horse riding.

Healing Ording Beach at St. Peter Ording

St Peter Ording is very famous seaside town lured for its springs of sulfur. The water of the Ording beach has healing properties because of the presence of sulfur in it. However, this is still an issue of research and debate.  Many wellness centers and innumerable spa centers have been opened as the people arrive here to enjoy and relax rather than be at the beach.

St.Peter Ording

 The beach is also famous for water and kite surfing as well as for bathing in deep waters. Visitors also prefer to walk around its coast of 12 km to soothe their mind and body.

Family-Centered Warnemunde Beach in Rostock

 Warnemunde Beach is located near the popular town of Rostock in the North East part of Germany which has very fine sand on its beach. As this is the nearest beach to the very busy terminal of cruise nearby people flow here in search of nearby attractions and fun activities. Hence it also becomes a great destination for the holidays of the full family together.

Warnemunde Beach

As there is a major port nearby, the town is always full of restaurants, hotels, and park. There is also a marina spot that allows you to take a boat trip around or sail yourself and enjoy the surrounding.  The water here is not deep for good enough distance from the coastline and hence it is also safe for children to wander and enjoy themselves.

Sporty Timmendorfer Beach in Niendorf

This beach is around the Lubeck are little hidden for the overseas visitors but are very popular among the local people of Germany. The beach is not for someone who is in search of peace and quietness at the beach as there are lot many activities going on at the beachside. The beach is suitable for those are interested in sports like beach football, beach volleyball, and seaside concerts.  the beach also has a sports club for other sports. This place lures the visitors who also want to enjoy the good sport after sunbathing.

Timmendorfer Beach

Water Sporting South Beach in Fehmarn

The Fehmarn island also called as the heaven for windsurfers and kitesurfers is located in the Baltic Sea. the beach side has naturally more wind flowing by its side than other normal beaches.  The beach is also a good destination for bird watching. The west side of the island is famous for the ergets and wallnau water Birds. Obviously one may not have a gentle cool breeze as on all normal beaches but you may have the best experience catching some big air on the top of the waves.

South Beach

Fairy Tale like Kuhlungsborn Beach

 The beach on the Baltic Coast known for its quaint looks and sunbathing is no other than Kuhlungsborn beach. It is one of the largest spa town located near the seaside in Mecklenburg.  A rule is imposed which says no building in the town should be larger than the trees. The result is the seaside city which looks like it has been straight out of the fairy tale.

Kuhlungsborn Beach
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