Hofgarten Coburg

Top 11 Things to Do and Place to See in Coburg, Germany

Coburg is a small town located in the Upper Franconia region of Germany. In terms of distance, it is 2.5 hours north of Munich and 2.5 hours east of Frankfurt. Coburg was once a part of the Thungrian states but separated on demand of popular vote, and joined Bavaria in 1920. This

medieval town is home to Prince Albert who married Queen Victoria of England and the Coburg Castle or Veste Coburg is one of the largest in Germany. In the 16th century, Martin Luther, a prime figure of the Protestant Reformation also lived at the Veste Coburg when he was

translating parts of the Bible to German. Above all, Coburg has a medieval charm and offers visitors plenty of sights. Let’s dive into the must-see destinations of this small town!


1. Market Square

Christmas markets sprout all across Germany during the winter season and the marketplatz was first established as the same, during the 15th century. Today, it emanates a vibrant and aristocratic charm — the magnificent Renaissance facades and intricate oriels of the Stadthaus

or Townhouse are attention-grabbing. The market square also features a grand statue of Prince Albert that was a gift from Queen Victoria to the town of Coburg. If you want to grab a quick bite during your tour, head over to the nearby food stalls that offer delicious Coburg-bratwurst sausages!

MarketSquare©/Ed Draaijer/Flickr

2. The Old Town

From historic buildings to glorious castles, there are lots to see in Coburg’s Old Town. Wander through the cobblestoned streets and explore a variety of attractions mentioned in this section. A few splendid examples include the Morizkirche and Ehrenburg Castle. Since Coburg is quite a

small town, almost everything can be reached by foot, make sure you have comfortable shoes on!

3. Morizkirche

The Morizkirche is the oldest church in Coburg. The building dates back to a Roman basilica in the 13th century — the remains of which you can still see today. The church has been renovated over the centuries and stands at 62metres long and 33metres wide. Furthermore, it is equipped

with a gothic hall. There a total of 5 bells in the tower which rang every evening at 9 pm so that people living in East and West Germany could pray for each one another. Visit the website to take a look at the official church timings.


4. Veste Coburg

Coburg Castle is one of the main tourist attractions and soars across the town’s skyline. Parts of the Castle date back as far as the 13th century! Veste Coburg has an important cultural significance as the Elector of Saxony spent a lot of time there. Consequently, an art collection or

Kunstsammlungen was started — here you can view famous works or arts by painters such as Rembrandt, Dürer, and Cranach the Elder. Additionally, the ornate Jagdintarsien-Zimmer or Hunting Marquetry Room exhibits masterclass woodwork. Hike to the top of Veste Coburg for a magnificent view of the town.

Veste Coburg
Veste Coburg©/julia_HalleFotoFan/Flickr

5. Hofgarten

Hofgarten or Court Garden is the premises surrounding the Veste Coburg. As you make your way up to the Veste Coburg, you will pass the scenic gardens. For those of you who aren’t proficient in the German language, most monuments are labeled in English, making it easier to

read bits of information. Enjoy the beautiful waterfall and soak in the sun at this sprawling park — grab a picnic basket and grab a spot!

Hofgarten Coburg
Mausoleum©/Marcus Jüttner/Flickr

6. Ehrenburg Palace

Schloss Ehrenburg is a must visit for enthusiasts of the British monarchy. Ehrenburg was built in the 16th century and has been changed twice since — the gothic facade dates back to the 19th century. It was in this castle, that Prince Albert spent most of his childhood and Queen Victoria made several visits. In fact, she stayed in a room with Germany’s first flushing toilet (1860) and

visitors can still the bed in which she slept. The castle features Riesensaal or The Hall of Giants, which has a baroque ceiling supported by 28 statues of Atlas, as well as Coburg’s national library which houses more than 400,000 books! There are a total of 25 rooms and guided tours are

usually in German, however, pamphlets in other languages are provided to tourists.

Ehrenburg Palace
Ehrenburg Palace©/Colin Hepburn/Flickr

7. Coburger Puppenmuseum

If you love visiting museums, take a look at the Coburger Puppenmuseum. Located in a large townhouse, this old fashioned museum is known to induce nostalgia within visitors. In the lower section of the museum, you can find quintessential toys of German children from the 19th and

20th centuries. The upper section houses a collection of dolls, dollhouses, miniature kitchens and chinaware from Japan. If you wish to take a break gaze of glass eyes, step into, ‘Hallo Dolly’, a stylish cafe next door.

Coburger Puppenmuseum
Coburger Puppenmuseum©/Ruth Ndouop-Kalajian/Flickr

8. Landestheater

Landestheater opened its doors in 1840 after the Ducal Family hosted theatrical performances over the centuries. Stages were established and this neo-classical building symbolized Coburg’s cultural status. If you’re a fan of opera, ballet and the performing arts as a whole, keep an eye for

tickets to one the performances at Coburg’s Landestheater.

Landestheater©/Frank Friedrichs/Flickr

9. Samba Festival

Interestingly, Coburg hosts Europe’s largest Samba festival, during mid-July every year. Song and dance fill the cobblestoned streets of this medieval town, attracting a wide variety of visitors from across the world — particularly beautifully dressed dancers from the Portuguese speaking world!


10. Gasthaus Goldenes Kreuz

On your trip to Coburg, if you’re on the hunt for authentic Bavarian Franconian/Bavarian food, head on over to Gasthaus Goldenes Kreuz! This is popular amongst travelers and serves a range of delicious food including — roast pork, bratwurst, spinach dumplings, and horseradish

soup. Indulge your tastebuds with these scrumptious flavors.

Bratwurst©/Rainhard Schulz/Flickr

11. Sonderbar Coburg

Alternately, if you’re traveling with a group of friends and are looking for a bar instead of a restaurant, Sonderbar Coburg is the perfect place! Find yourself surrounded by a young and hip crowd at this local joint. Catch some live music, poetry readings and partake in other fun

activities at this bar. It is the perfect place to grab a nice drink after dinner!

Drink©/Hallie Richter/Flickr