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Top 11 Things To Do and See in Bacharach

Bacharach is known to be as one of the finely protected towns of medieval time which is located in the Rhine Valley in its upper middle scene. This town is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is filled with castles on every top of the hill which results in divine charm and peace.

The hills here are filled with the grapevine plantation whereas the buildings are made up of timber and streets are seen with the winding cobblestone. The town is situated on the bank of lazy river Rhine and it is also defined as one of the most beautiful towns in the world.

As the surrounding near the town is very pleasant and the town itself provides the past era architecture one can spend their days discovering the beauty of Bacharach.

The topmost 11 things to do and see in Bacharach are

Burg Stahleck

It is the 12th-century citadel castle where one can reach easily by taking the 10 minutes path of up to 520 feet above the sea level. One can enjoy the below looks of Lorelei valley, the amazing view of town Bacharach and have a quaint location of the vineyards on the high ridge.

Burg Stahleck

The castle was built by the archbishop’s cologne is surrounded by partial moats which protected the town always. However, when the French attacked the castle although being heavily fortified was conquered many times. It was reconstructed in the 20th century and today also it stays very strong and impenetrable. It is accessible to the public as a hostel that has bunk beds for 168 people as well as many private rooms suitable for the whole family along with a playroom.


To have the beautiful view of the town one does not need to visit only castles, this view can also be obtained from the Postentrum which means the post tower. It is situated in the north of the town giving access to the marvelous sightseeing of the town, green hills, and the river valley. To reach this historic watchtower one has just to take a short tour through the vineyards on the uphills.


The tower is century old but was renovated recently and was opened to the public in 2005. Entry to this watchtower is free.

Recognize the Bacharach symbol

Wernerkapelle is designated as the Bacharach’s symbol and is located a little above as we move above the water on the way to the castle. It symbolizes the romance in the ancient ruins and gives you spine thrilling experience.


The roof was collapsed when the French tried to destroy the castle. Even after getting covered up in the debris, a Gothic clover leaf shaped design is visible and is admired by all. This structure is made up of reddish fine-grained sandstone. A plaque is also standing there which is in memory of the torture suffered by the Jewish population that somehow adds gloominess to the scene.

Biting at Altes Haus

This one of the oldest eatery house that is recognized as the best restaurant in the town. The structure was build in 1368 in the traditional half-timbered style along with turrets and gables. It was the only building to survive the massive fire that destroyed much other building in the early 19th century.

Alte Haus

Despite its short menu, visitors rate it very high due to its historic ambiance and old heritage. The owner has the photographs hanged on the wall that depicts that everything in the city has changed except that of the Altes Haus over time.  The restaurant is almost full and busy during its peak season.

St. Peter’s Church

It is the largest church in the town and is visible throughout the town as it is located in the center of Bacharach.  The construction of the church began in 1100 and was finished in the 14th century. The ambiance and the elegant style of the church is loved by all and it gives you a feeling of peace and serenity.

St.Peter Church

The architecture of the church is mostly in the Romanian style with a touch of the French Gothic style. The church has many rare sculptures, outstanding frescoes, historic organs, weird statues that includes frogman and woman.

Tour of Vineyards

 The town is surrounded by miles and miles of vineyards. Every step hill on both the sides of the river are terraced carefully and plantation of vineyards is a pleasurable thing to see while in Bacharach. The area is famous for white wines especially Riesling.


The three main wine regions are  Posten, Hahn, and Wolfshohle. Visitors are allowed to purchase wine from these vineyards warehouse which is mostly accompanied by wine tasting. Weingut Fritz Bastian, Weingut Ratzenberger, and Toni Jost are some of the best in the region for wine tours. The biggest wine party of the year takes place in June in Steeg and the wine lovers must surely join it for great taste and experience.

Cruising in River Rhine

The peoples favorite time pass here is to take a cruise down to the Rhine which has its popular stop in Bacharach. It is also preferable starting point if you long for one of the most beautiful and charming river cruises in the whole of Europe. Through the journey in the cruise, one will get to see storybook towns, vineyards, and chain of hilltop castles. It is very famous for its quaint villages and castles among international tourist and no other trail has such match for this one, hence it is listed in UNESCO World Heritage site. Among other attraction in this cruise tour are St.Goar, Marksburg Castle and Schonburg.

River Cruising

Hiking in Rhine Castle Trails

If anyone wants to travel very slower and experience the unparalleled view of the town, the best alternative to train or boat is to trail down the Rhine castles by walking. The hiking trail in the Rhine passes through the river’s west bank and then one can roam around the castles and take the view of vineyards. The path was open to visitors in 2004.

Hiking On Rhine Trails

Although the path is very convenient for all types of walkers in their basic footwear recommendation is placed on wearing hiking boots for a comfortable journey. One need not take too many backups of supplies as some part of the town will be accessible at short distances of around 10 km. Taking breaks with beer and a full meal will also provide rest and energy to move further.

 Burg Stahlberg

It is another alluring castle in the Bacharach town which was built in between 1158 to 1168. The castle is popular due to its ancient ruins and the beautiful architecture. Despite the ruins, one can feel the touch of romance that is hidden in its towers, castle gates, and the ring walls.

Burg Stahlberg

Haus Sickingen

This is a pleasing illustration of the half-timbered structure that was originally constructed in 1420 from the remains of the stone basement and completed in the 16th century with its traditional German Medieval architecture. Despite the house is well maintained from ages, it looks somewhat distorted but still good enough to visit.

Haus Sickingen

 Steeg Annakirche

 Traveling to the side valley of the town Bacharach, we reach the Steeg village in just a mile. St. Anna’s church is located in the middle of the village which was build in the memory of St. Peter in 1300. The church serves as a protestant and has many unique and eye-catching mural paintings.

Steeg Annakirche

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