Top 6 reasons to visit Bonn, Germany

Why should you visit it?

If you’re familiar with this quote or the one who coined it, Bonn is definitely a gem for you because it’s all about the history of the great men who made the city what it is today or was the city that made the men great? Let’s have a look!


Bonn was already a former German Capital so that makes the city great in itself but some of the great Symphony works that the world has received were made in a house on the Muensterplatz which belonged to the super famous musician Beethoven which is now turned into a historical museum called Beethoven Haus. And so makes a must-visit for all the music enthusiasts who visit Bonn.

Beethoven Haus

Blossoms in Bonn

While all the photographers of the world flee to Japan for cherry blossoms, most of them don’t know there are cherry blossoms in Bonn that happen during April-May. What makes it worth it are the streets filled with not many people but only blossom cherry trees! Why not many people you ask? Cos they’re already in Japan! Duh!

The cherry blossom in Japan happens during the same time more or less so if you want to avoid the crowds and still enjoy cherry blossoms, Bonn is the place for you! Maxstrasse, Heerstrasse, Sterntor City Gate, Altstadt (Old town), Suedstadt (South town) are some places in Bonn you want to head to if you want to catch the cherry blossoms.

Drachenburg Castle

Now if Disney would have to find a house in Germany, what would be better than settling in a town that is based on the banks of Rhine River or better yet a castle in the same town? This castle doesn’t get any more Disney because it looks like a small girl’s dream castle come true. It’s a castle called Drachenburg which looks medieval but was built in the 1800s and overlooks the Rhineland.

Tram to Drachenburg castle – Credits (

Damaged in WWII, the fairy-tale castle has been revamped and it’s over the top. It is literally over the top because to reach the castle you have to take a ride in a small train up the castle, which climbs the inclines that are very steep, some as steep as 22%.

So are we going on the ride or what?

Gummy Bear Paradise

Gummy Bear Paradise you wish for? It’s a real place in Bonn! The jelly candy maker has it all in the store for you. From low prices of the best gummy bear flavors to personalized gummies according to your taste. However, here’s what HARIBO means if you’ve been wondering, it stands for Hans Riegel Bonn. Hans Riegel comes from the name of the founder, Johannes Hans Riegel and Bonn because that’s where the candy paradise is situated.

Haribo Store – Credits (

Have you ever heard of a palace is a part of a university? Well, this palace that stands on the site of a ruined castle isn’t just any palace. The Poppelsdorf Palace is now a part of the University of Bonn and houses its natural sciences collections. It is surrounded by a circular arcade courtyard and stands tall with a square of four wings.

Museum of Art

Except for supremely old cathedrals and churches, Bonn has much more to offer. This museum built not so recently but not decades ago either has the best art scenes for those who live for art.

This Art and Exhibition hall in the federal republic of Germany is going to take you back in time because it represents everything about the history of Germany. From artifacts that belong to WWII and oldest museums of Germany. One of the best natural history and botanical gardens is also situated here. This museum of art called Musuemsmeile seems to have covered all sorts of arts there could possibly exist in the history of Germany.

How to get to Bonn:

Now, most people take day trips to Bonn. Germany being well connected by trains has made it easier to access this small town of Germany any time of the year.

The closest and fastest way to reach here is from Cologne or Dusseldorf via Bonn Hbf.

Distance from Cologne: Hardly 28 km.

Distance from Dusseldorf: 77 km.

Best time to visit Bonn:

April- May would be the best time considering that you would want to see the cherry blossoms. Otherwise, September- October is also the best time when the city is not at its peak season.

 Gute Reise! (German greeting for having an amazing journey!)