Typical German stereotypes – what foreigners think ?

Internet and technology have made us all reachable to one another within a fraction of second. We interact with different people throughout the world. We come to know the cultural differences and what importance do these holds to that culture. The very common understanding of any of the culture comes from their way of speaking and interacting. Some of these reviews on a particular country or culture are positive and of course, some are negative. Germans have scored a lot of positive and negative believes about them to the rest of the world.

Some of these beliefs are oblivious while some are true for sure. So here are some typical German stereotypes that foreigners think about Germans.

Punctual Nerds

German people are very famous for their punctuality towards the work of any schedule. They are one of the most punctual people you will ever find. Germans do not like being late or kept waiting for someone when they have a fixed time allotted to it. They are very proud of this punctual behavior as they would not tolerate any delay in an official meeting or a meeting with their friend.

Many foreign media have already shown this quality of Germans in some of the other ways. An American media posted that Germans are the most punctual people and take their responsibilities on a very serious note, they would avoid coffee or tea breaks just to get the work done on time.

Organized and Synchronized

Germans are among those few people who enjoy following rules. Germans have a lot of rules to adhere to and the most intimidating part is that they claim to be very passionate about them. Germans like things put into order, whether it is a file or just some random furniture at home. They would sort out and organize everything they can possibly see and touch. In an English novel, Germans are portrayed to obey rules and the novel shares in a humorous way indicating the regimented life Germans follow.

Small talks do not interest Germans

Many foreign countries and those in the western culture claim that every conversation that they ever had with a German was a very straight and a yes-no conversation. There was no adjusting or understanding of diplomatic speech to convince or win the conversation from Germans. A proper stereotypical statement on Germans will be that they either know a Yes or a No and there is nothing in between.

The Nazi supporter

The world has seen many wars and World War II was the fiercest and the most destructive war. This is the most common stereotypical view about Germans from a foreigner’s standpoint. Germans are often considered as Nazis and that they were responsible for the war. In many homes to date where there are many war veterans or those who experienced the war claim Germans to be the reason for crimes. The European countries blame Germans for Nazi crimes and sins. In the early 1950s, Germans who visited other countries were treated as criminals by the locals as they viewed them as the reason for their loss in the war.

Even though this stereotypical view from the foreigners has almost ended but they still exist in some volume. There have been many discussions on this topic where multiple claims were to define the role of Germans in the war and the crimes. The argument has already been concluded with proper indication but there still exist some voices which claim Germans should pay for their losses and that Germans are Nazis.

Lack of humor

This stereotypical view of Germans is the widely used view in the media and film industry. Germans are portrayed as very rigid and stiff with little or no humor. Many other foreigner views on this stereotypical standpoint on Germans state that Germans are almost two different people when it comes to work and their free time. You can just tell that the person who was at work with you is not the same person after work. Germans precisely are claimed to be very task-oriented and will just not accept anything apart from the task which results in a very static interaction with no humor.

German women

Another German stereotype is that German women are very unromantic and cold when it comes to partners. They will have no context when it comes to spending time on dates as they would talk about their work and what can be done to improve the work. They are also blamed for no cooking skills what so ever. On the other hand, French women are considered to be one of the most romantic and loving women.

German women are considered to be very beautiful and super fit as they would spend all their time either on the work of self-care. This has generated two different pool of people, the one which thinks that these German stereotypical women are the best choice whereas the other slot claims that they would never be satisfied with a partner that offers almost no emotional support and time for a relationship.

Different countries and their opinion

Russians have to say that a typical German is serious all the time and has no kindness towards other people. This stereotypical view on Germans are said to be genuine as interacting with a stranger is not always the most welcoming experience.

Greece holds a very negative stereotypical view on Germans as they suggest that a typical German is cruel and stiff. During the time of crisis in Greek, Germans have become the center of criticism.

The United States has a very vivid view of Germans. There are many who hold Germans responsible for the war and the losses, they project a typical German as unkind people who would get offended of trivial things. On the other hand, there are many who claim Germans to be very productive and intelligent. They also state Germans to be the best colleagues and partners.

Europeans and British people often hold Germans in a very negative way. Their media always has something in the critique section on Germans and how they are.


There will always be a positive view along with a negative view in this world. People will always have something good or bad to speak about each other. Germans sure do not hold one of the ideal pasts but so does the other countries. So, a typical German stereotype in the eyes of foreigners has a very mixed opinion after all.