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Glasgow Scotland Nightlife: If you are the one who looks for the excitement and thrill in the nightlife of a particular destination then Glasgow is not the one to disappoint you.

Glasgow Nightclubs

This city might look grand and daunting because of its Victorian architectures but it is one of the liveliest and sparkling cities when it comes to an exciting nightlife. There are countless nightclubs and pubs full of all types of jazz, rock, and rap that suit your taste.

In fact, almost all the nightclubs endorse live music bands which charge up the visitors with extreme energy and spark. You will get the DJs spinning the crowds with their music and making the nightlife in Glasgow all the more electrifying.

Popular Nightclub in Glasgow

Archaos at the Queen Street

Archaos at the Queen Street is the most popular nightclub in Glasgow. This is not just another nightclub. It is a huge three storied music hub that endorses Dj music, Rock, hip-hop and other types of music and beats. It has a bar on the third floor that caters to the finest of drinks. The young crowd of Glasgow prefers to step into the famous Babylon Greenock at the West Stewart Street where many talented guest DJs play their music with a bang during the weekends.

Buffalo Joes and Mcdaddy 

Another tough competitor of these two clubs is the Buffalo Joes who promote live shows with highly charged themes apart from the regular Dj acts. Club Noir at the Eglington Street is the perfect choice for those who are looking forward to some thrilling acts and do not mind taking some risks. There is Mcdaddy which will quench your thirst for different types of hip-hop, garage and RnB music.

Playground@Bloc Savoy

On the first Friday of the month, you should hop into the Playground@Bloc which is the funkiest disco of Glasgow. It is the ultimate destination for the young people for whom evening starts at 8o clock and finishes at 2 o clock in the morning.

The Savoy is probably the oldest of the nightclubs in Glasgow. It has a big floor where they play each and every kind of music to create a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Glasgow Scotland Nightlife

There are quite a number of pubs like Curler’s, Tennent’s, the Griffin etc which play an important role in charging up Glasgow’s nightlife. They not only cater to good music and drinks to the customers but provide them with the energetic approach which is quite important to restore their energy that they lose in the routine life.

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