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Harrods London Window Shopping

Harrods London Window Shopping: London as a city has several attractions. Some may have historical, political or just be plain attractions. One attraction that has immense importance as an epitome of fine luxurious shopping and its fair share of controversy is Harrods. The flag bearer of shopping for the elite in London is Harrods. Located in the heart of the city, towards Knightsbridge, it is home to some of the most expensive items in the world.

Known for its immense affluence, Harrods was opened in 1824 by Charles Henry Harrod. It was eventually overtaken by the Fayyad siblings. From 1985 to 2010, the Egyptian family was the owners of Harrods and provided it with much of its glory and thus provided it with the name across the globe. On May 8, 2010, Harrods was sold to Qatar holdings for 1.5 billion GBP.

Harrods London Window Shopping

Harrods is not a departmental store to call it the least. It is luxury amplified to extends beyond thought. It is home to 330 departments and nothing has been compromised even on the minutest of details to provide utmost satisfaction to the customers. The 330 departments include everything from clothing to furniture, poultry to silverware and electronics to jewelry. All the sections have the widest range any customer can look forth to. Even items like Bridal Trousseau are on sale here.

Food Section

The food section has an extremely wide range of offerings for every palate. You can find several kinds of gourmet cheese and exclusive wine.

The poultry section has all the kinds of meat that one can possibly think of. And nothing is compromised on the quality of the product. The freshest possible is provided with.

Clothing Section

The clothing section has the best brands stocked the country has to offer. The best of the league designer brands are present here. Spread over an entire floor, the clothing section is a must see.
The jewelry section is extremely diverse with the most expensive and brilliant items on sale.

Harrods also has the famous Egyptian escalators and the famous statue of Lady Diana and Dody (son of Mohammed-al-Fayad) along with their memorial. Even though the owners have changed, the statue of Mohammed -al-Fayad remains.

Tourists and shoppers flock to Harrods

Harrods is a must-see destination and a shopper’s paradise. Tourists and shoppers flock to Harrods, nearly every day. Harrod’s till date remains amongst England’s best departmental store. So next time you are in London, make sure you visit this amazing store.

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