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Howard Castle England

It is always good to visit places which have historical importance. England is such a place. It has lots of castles and places which are not only beautiful but they have a wonderful history behind them. You might have heard about the Howard castle in England. This is one of the finest stately homes present in England.

It is actually located in North Yorkshire and is 15 miles north of York. This has also become one of the most popular tourist attractions these days. This is actually a country house where the Howards lived for at least 300 years.

Howard Castle

This castle has also been used in different films. But this is not a castle in the true sense because it was built after the castle-building era. Other than this, it was even utilized during the battles. The main attraction of this building is the beauty with which it is built.

Other than the building the surroundings are equally attractive. The surrounding is actually a large estate which covers over 13,000 acres of land. The estate also includes the villages of Bulmer, Welburn, Terrington, Slingsby, and Coneysthorpe.

Castle Howard Gardens

This estate even had its own railway station from 1845 to 1950. The other attractions of this house and estate are the beautiful gardens. The gardens are quite diverse as well as extensive.

A formal ground is present just behind the building. Other than this, it also has a park which merges with the garden. There are two garden buildings present in this landscape. One is the temple of four winds which is present at the garden’s end.

Castle Howard Mausoleum

The other building is the mausoleum which is present in the park. The Howard castle England has acted as an inspiration to many other structures in England as well as in the USA.

If you are planning a visit to England then always make sure you plan a visit to the Howard castle in England. There are so many things to see. Do not miss the Atlas fountain at the entrance. Other than this, you also need to look for the Kew which is an arboretum of about 127 acres.

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