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Kerala India travel itinerary- Munnar, Cochin, Backwaters

Kerala India Travel Itinerary: This page gives information on India Travel Itineraries. Currently, I have managed to write about my favorite place in India – Kerala. I have been there thrice and wish to travel there again.

In my opinion, everyone should travel to India once in their lifetime.

Kerala India travel itinerary

It’s an open-air school. It brings out all emotions in you – anger with Beaurocracy, peace in an ashram, compassion of people, joy, sorrow.

Watching smiling young faces even though living in poverty can be very uplifting; at the same time, the reality can be very depressing. Generally speaking, I think south India is a better place to visit if you are visiting India for the first time. In my experience, people get friendlier as you go south, there is a rich heritage still preserved in the south.

I have found Delhi to be a very harsh place to visit – unfriendly taxi drivers, urbanization, busy life.

As you go south to Chennai, Kerala, Mysore (Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala) things are a bit calmer. Kerala is a very good place to visit in the south. I have visited Kerala thrice and here is what I think is good to visit in Kerala:

Day1, day 2 – Cochin – There are plenty of things to do here – Chinese fishing nets, old churches, old settlements and the wonderful food.

Day 3 – Alleppey – Take backwaters to ride in a traditional boat, eat on a banana leaf along the way. Don’t forget to visit the ‘Coffee House’ to taste some wonderful Dosas (pancakes) and fresh Coffee.

Day 4 – Periyar – A wildlife sanctuary. You can see elephants and other animals during the visit.

Day 5, 6 – I stayed at a place near Periyar (Thekkady) called Vandanmedu (Carmelia haven). Here are the distances to this place:


80 km


10 km


160 km


140 km


25 km

It’s a beautiful resort on the tea estates. There are plenty of spice trees to see. The rooms are very different as well – there are tree houses, huts, and rooms in the tea estate. It was quite an experience to live there. Here is the link:

Day 7,8 – Munnar – Munnar is about 80 km from Thekkady. You can take a taxi to go there from Thekkady. Munnar has some beautiful scenery – acres and acres of tea estates on rolling hills. There is a lake where you can go on a peaceful pedal boat ride.

Its an amazingly peaceful place to relax.

Another place I like in India is Goa. I’ll write information on more places soon.

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