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Italy Travel bookings

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Italy glossary of words

Italy Travel bookings

Ryanair and EasyJet fly to various airports throughout Italy.

We covered Italy from North to South, starting from Milan, going to Venice, Florence, Pisa and ending in Rome. Some people have done it the other way round. We liked this way as the cities get progressively better as you go North-South. Had we seen Rome first, we would not have been able to appreciate Florence and Milan.

Planning a Trip to Italy Itinerary

It will be better to plan your trip in detail as there are lots to see and hence you need to come up with a detailed itinerary so as not to miss a thing.

Guess that from other locations you could even try

Internal travel in Italy is via trains.

All cities are connected by Eurostar or ICE (Inter City Express). The former is the fastest and the fare difference is not that much. You can also get confirmed seat bookings when booking online.

You have the option of choosing ticketless travel wherein you need not even procure tickets from the counters at the stations. All you need is a printout of the booking and the conductor will give you your ticket on the train. But this is applicable only for Eurostar and ICE (Long distance trains)

Italy Train Travel

The other option is to get your tickets from the counter and punch them before you get on the train. There are yellow ticket validating machines all through the stations and you can punch
the time before you get on the train. For travel between Florence and Pisa, you need to get a physical ticket and validate it even though you might be carrying a printout of the booking.

Italy Travel bookings

For any journey less than ? 10 which is either via bus or train, the tickets need to be bought at a Tabacchi (Tobacco shop). Even if you stand in line at the ticket counters, the person at the counter will not give you a ticket and will ask you to go to a Tabacchi.

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