Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens

The Kensington Gardens is one of the Royal Parks situated in London. Earlier, it was a private which could be visited by the residents of the Kensington Palace. However, the Kensington Gardens as not always a separate park as we know it today. Kensington Gardens was a part of the Hyde Park for well over a century.

Kensington Gardens

The Kensington Gardens became an important aspect when William and Mary bought the Nottingham Palace, later on, re-naming it to Kensington Palace. Although, Mary did some alteration during her reign, fundamental changes were brought about in the park during the rule of King George II.

Kensington Gardens Playground

It is these modifications in the landscape that has resulted in the present day park. The park was not always open to the public. In fact, in the 18th century, the park was closed to the public for many months. The magnificent trees planted in the park not only provide for a calm and relaxed ambiance but are also complementary to the beautiful Kensington Palace which is situated nearby.

Kensington Gardens Peter Pan

Kensington Gardens is open to the public from 6.00 in the morning until dusk. The park has many attractions for the visitors to watch. Some of them include the famous Peter Pan statue, the Italian Gardens, Serpentine Gallery, Albert Memorial; Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground.

Kensington Gardens

The Garden is also a safe and good place to take kids for an outing or to simply relax. For those who enjoy walking, there is a separate track for walkers. Dog lovers need not be disappointed as dogs are also allowed inside the park. However, there are certain areas where they cannot be taken.

People can reach Kensington Gardens easily with public transport. The Nearest Tube Stations are as follows:

1. Lancaster Gate & Queensway
2. Bayswater
3. High Street Kensington

1. Address & Postcode:- Greater London, London W2 2UH, United Kingdom


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