Kings and Queens of England UK

Kings and Queens of England UK, King John,Henry,Richard,James,George

Kings and Queens of England:

Here is the chronological history of Kings and Queens of England 

English History Timeline

Neolithic & Bronze Ages 8300 – 750 BC
Iron Age 751 BC-AD 42
Romano Britain AD43 – 409
Invaders 410 – 1065
Anglo-Norman 1066 – 1215
The Middle Ages 1216 – 1347
Late Medieval 1348 – 1484
Tudors 1485 – 1602
Stuarts 1603 – 1713
Georgians 1714 – 1836
Victorians 1837 – 1900
Early 20th Century 1901 – 1944
Post-WWII 1945 –

Chronological List of Kings and Queens of England


Egbert, First King of all England 827 to 830
Ethelwulf, Son of Egbert 839 857 to 858
Ethelbald, Son of Ethelwulf 857 to 860
Ethelbert, Second son of Ethelwulf 860 to 866
Ethelred I, Third son of Ethelwulf 866 to 871
Alfred the Great, Fourth son of Ethelwulf 871 to 899

Kings and Queens of England UK

Edward the Elder, Son of Alfred 899 to 925
Athelstan, Eldest son of Edward 925 to 940
Edmund I, Brother of Athelstan 940 to 946
Edred, Brother of Edmund I 946 to 955
Edwy, Son of Edmund I 955 to 959
Edgar, Second son of Edmund I 959 to 975
Edward the Martyr, Son of Edgar 975 to 978
Ethelred II, Half-brother of Edward 978 to 1016
Edmund Ironside, Eldest son of Ethelred 1016 to 1017


Canute, By conquest and election 1017 to 1035
Harold I (Harefoot), Son of Canute 1035 to 1040
Hardicanute, Another son of Canute 1040 to 1042


Edward the Confessor, Son of Ethelred II 1042 to 1066
Harold II, Brother-in-law of Edward 1022 to 1066


William I, Second cousin to Edward the Confessor; by conquest 1066 to 1087
William II, Third son of William I 1087 to 1100

Kings and Queens of England UK

Henry I, Youngest son of William I 1100 to 1135
Stephen, Third son of Stephen, Count of Blois 1135 to 1154


Henry II, Son of Geoffrey Plantagenet by Matilda, daughter of Henry I 1154 to 1189
Richard I, the Lionhearted Eldest surviving son of Henry II 1189 to 1199
John, Youngest son of Henry II 1199 to 1216
Henry III, Eldest son of John 1216 to 1272
Edward I, Eldest son of Henry III 1272 to 1307
Edward II, Eldest surviving son of Edward I 1307 to 1327
Edward III, Eldest son of Edward II 1327 to 1377
Richard II, Son of the Black Prince, eldest son of Edward III 1377 to 1399


Henry IV, Son of John of Gaunt, 4th son of Edward III 1399 to 1413
Henry V, Eldest Son of Henry IV 1413 to 1422
Henry VI, Only son of Henry V 1422 to 1461


Edward IV, His grandfather was Richard, son of Edmund, son of Edward III 1461 to 1483
Edward V, Eldest son of Edward IV 1483 to ????
Richard III, Younger brother of Edward IV 1483 to 1485


Henry VII, Son of Edmund, eldest son of Owen Tudor, by Katharine, widow of Henry V. Mother was the great-granddaughter of John of Gaunt 1485 to 1509
Henry VIII, Only surviving son of Henry VII 1509 to 1547
Edward VI, Son of Henry VIII by Jane Seymour 1547 to 1553

Kings and Queens of England UK

Mary I, Daughter of Henry VIII by Katharine of Aragon 1553 to 1558
Elizabeth I, Daughter of Henry VIII by Anne Boleyn 1558 to 1603


James I, Son of Mary Queen of Scots, granddaughter of James IV and Margaret 1603 to 1625
Charles I, Only surviving son of James I (executed) 1625 to 1649
Commonwealth Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector 1649 to 1658
& Protectorate Richard Cromwell, 3rd son of Oliver 1658 to 1659
Charles II, Eldest son of Charles I 1660 to 1685
James II, Second son of Charles I 1685 to 1689
William III, Son of William, Prince of Orange, by Mary, daughter of Charles I 1689 to 1702
& Mary II, Eldest daughter of James II 1689 to 1694
Anne Second daughter of James II 1702 to 1714


George I, Son of Elector of Hanover, by Sophia, daughter of Elizabeth, daughter of James I 1714 1727
George II, Only son of George I 1727 1760
George III, Grandson of George II 1760 1820
George IV, Eldest son of George III 1820 1830
William IV, Third son of George III l830 1837
Victoria, Daughter of Edward, 4th son of George III 1837 1901


Edward VII, Son of Victoria 1901 1910
George V, Son of Edward VII 1910 1936
Edward VIII, Son of George V 1936 **1936
George VI, Son of George V 1936 1952
Elizabeth II, Daughter of George VI 1952 ????
* Adopted in place of Saxe-Coburg by George V, July 1917
** Accession, January 20; abdication, December 10.
Original Source: The Lincoln Library of Essential Information, 1985
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