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London England Travel Itineraries from 1 day to 1 month

London England Travel Itineraries:

How many days are enough to see London and England properly?

Well, the simple answer is, as long as you have. Perhaps this is not the answer you are looking for. I lived in England for almost 10 years and I still can not claim that I have seen it all.

I think this is true for all major tourist countries in the world. There are always hidden gems that remain to be explored. Now lets come back to a realistic itinerary.

Maybe you have only a few hours in England during an official meeting or a stopover at Heathrow. Over the years, I got to answer so many queries from friends and colleagues that I have decided to write about it so that you find the suggested itineraries useful. These itineraries start from 1 day and are up to 4 weeks.

Here is a short summary London England Travel Itineraries

1 One day London Itinerary: If you have only one day or few hours, your England itinerary should include Central London attractions

2 Two days London Itinerary: Visit attractions in Central London and visit some of the other attractions like museums, sporting venues etc.

3 Three days London Itinerary: 2 days as per above and on the third day choose to do shopping and visit more places to see. It can include places at the outskirts like Wimbledon or Kew Gardens.

4 Four days England Itinerary: First 3 days can be spent in and around London as per above. If you have a fourth day, you can do a day trip outside of London to Bath or Cambridge or to Oxford.

5 Five days England Itinerary: 3 days in London and around as per above. Forth and Fifth day, visit Bath or Cambridge or to Oxford.

7 Seven days England Itinerary: Now you are talking! Now you can have an interesting mix of places to see on your itinerary. You can visit Cotswolds or York for a couple of days.

9 to 11 days in England: Include Lake district or Edinburgh with a day trip to Scotland on your itinerary

England Itinerary 2 weeks: Now you can manage all of above easily. London, Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Lake District, Cotswolds, Edinburgh, Inverness, Durham, Stratford, Warwick.

England Itinerary 3 weeks: This will allow you to see far more attractions in London itself which were not on the list for five days. This can include visiting most of the museums in London, visiting Brighton, Canterbury, Salisbury and some of the theme parks like Thorpe Park and other places like Windsor castle, Waddesdon manor etc.

England Itinerary 4 weeks: This will allow you to explore the country and explore Scotland as well. You can add Scottish highlands on the itinerary. Places like William Wallace monument, Inverness, Dover, Liverpool, Cornwall, Dartmoor, Stratford, Warwick, Blenheim can be visited as well.

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