London itinerary for one day

London itinerary for one day or few hours: Attractions to see in Central London

London itinerary for one day or few hours: If you have only one day in England and if it’s your first visit to Britain then your one day should be spent in exploring the beautiful capital – London!

London itinerary for one day

Central London in one day

There may be a time when you are reaching London on your way from the USA to Asia and your flight reaches London in the morning with connecting flight at night. If you have only a day to see something in England, I would suggest visiting Central London will be a good choice.

From London Heathrow, take a train or a cab to central London. Reach Trafalgar square and follow this route.

What to do and see in London in a day?

Start with Trafalgar square (Charing cross station) – There is no better site than coming out of the station into the bustling square. After spending half an hour with the crowds there, move onto St. James’ Gardens (gardens outside the Buckingham Palace).

Charing Cross Subway Station

London itinerary for one day

It is just 5 – 10 minutes’ walk from there and you can see the main entrance gate from the square. Spend about an hour there enjoying the fresh air and proceed to Buckingham Palace- You can see it from the Garden. You can see the change of guards if you are there at the right time.

London itinerary for one Day

Facing the palace at the main gate go to your left towards the Westminster. Visit the Church and see the parliament buildings and Big Ben. Incidentally, Big Ben is the bell inside the tower and not the Clock or the tower itself as many think. Over the Bridge on the other side, you can ride the London Eye (if booking available or you have pre-booked) or take a boat ride on the Thames.

London itinerary for one day

It is about 15:00 now. You come back on the Bridge and go to 10 Downing Street (If you are not aware, this is the Prime Minister’s residence, do not expect him to call in for a coffee though!). If you decide not to see 10 DS, get a tube from the Westminster station and go to Tower Hill station.

See Tower of London from outside and see the famous Tower Bridge. If you want to visit the Tower of London from inside, you can save time at the London Eye/ boat ride stage to reach there before the closing time.

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