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Best Nudist Beaches and Resorts in Mexico

If you’re planing a trip to Mexico and are in the mood to let loose, don’t miss out on these steamy nudist beaches and resorts! The Carribean coast has a range of clothing-optional places for tourists to relax in. Before we delve into our listicle, here are a couple of things you should know.

All Mexican beaches are federal property and nudity on beaches regardless of country or state is officially illegal. However, this rule of law is not enforced, allowing nudists to swim and bask in the sunlight. If you’re looking for a more secluded area, the country also has these in store — you will

be undisturbed. Going au natural is a great way to feel liberated and be in one with nature. Strip your clothes and get that even tan you’ve always been looking for!

Keep in mind that not all places are child-friendly and may be exclusively for adults due to obvious reasons. These luxurious resorts and sandy beaches are best enjoyed with your significant other or single friends!


1.Desire Resort and Spa, Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is located on the Carribean Coast and is conveniently situated close to Cancun’s international airport, from where you can catch daily flights to various cities in the United States. Desire Resort and Spa is a common favorite amongst tourists and is a fantastic

clothing-optional place. You’ll be blown away by the turquoise water, sandy beaches and serenity of this resort, however, looks can be deceiving. The resort is also famous for its x-rated parties which features an adult bedroom for guests to use. The resort also features a spacious pool, spa, whirlpool tub, and fitness center. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?


2. Azulik, Tulum

Discover Paradise on Earth with Azulik! Azulik is an eco-resort and Mayan spa in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is known for its care-free, hippy crowd, hence, there are a lot of nudist resorts located in this part of town. This unique hotel is built completely above grounds with a series of three small

huts, almost like a bird’s nest. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life — this is your answer. The resort has limited WiFi connection so leave your phones behind! As of late, Azulik has become a largely desirable location due to its “Instagramable” nature and there’s never a better time to spruce up your feed like the Summer!


3. Temptation Resort, Cancun

Temptation Resort has been described as ‘the playground for grown-ups’! The resort is equipped with seven jacuzzis and three swimming pools. It is ideal for tourists looking to party as days are always filled with fun and excitement. The pool hosts several games which allows you to interact

with other guests and also has regular nightly entertainment. For those of you looking to shed that extra layer of clothing, there is also a topless-optional pool. Additionally, the resort takes care of all your cravings with their aphrodisiac restaurant.

Temptation Resort©/travelprotocol/Flickr

4. Zipolite, Oaxaca

Playa Zipolite is another favorite amongst tourists and is one of the few beaches in Mexico where nudity is tolerated. This is a beautiful sandy-beach environment, however, the underwater offshore currents have claimed many lives and has resulted in a special volunteer lifeguard team

being formed. On a positive note, the beautiful town of Zipolite is famous for yoga-mecca and its free-spited crowd!


5. Punta Serena, Jalisco

A haven of tranquility and true personal pampering awaits you at this intimate resort. In a magical setting with magnificent vistas across the bay and the Pacific Ocean, this rare and exquisite resort is the epitome of rest and relaxation. Free your mind, spirit, and soul with a stroll along the

beach, a swim in the pool or soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi. Enjoy spa treatments to soothing songs of exotic birds, or watch the gorgeous sunset from the cliff-side Jacuzzi. Additionally, this is the perfect vantage point to watch dolphins and whales swim across the bay. Jaliso offers its guests

the Las Animas Discover and Play Tour for some risqué fun! Everyone needs a slice of heaven, and this could be yours.

Punta Serena©/Jorge Hernandez/Flickr

6. Hidden Beach Resort, Riviera Maya

Hidden Beach is a great resort for nudists looking for an upscale relaxing vacation. This luxurious space is perfect for couples and single adults alike. Check-in is a breeze — just relax with a cold glass of champagne in the beautiful hotel lobby, and before you know you’ll be shown your

room and ready to explore all the Hidden Beach has to offer! As you can imagine, the swilling pool bar is a very popular option during the day, while dining options include 24 hour room service and the resort’s on-site restaurant, La Vista. After dinner, the moonlight lounge comes

alive the evening’s entertainment. You can sit back and relax, hit the dance floor, try your hand at pool, indulge in the bar or take a dip in the giant hot tub. Enjoy ocean-front suites at Hidden Beach today!


7. Villa Dolce Vita, Riviera Maya

This clothing option resort is located on Soleman Bay, precisely between Akumal and Tulum on the Riviera Maya. This luxury villa offers its guests accommodation in a casita located on the beach. The Villa and its adjoining beach are private so guests have the option of going swimming

in the nude or being topless. The hosts are naturist-friendly and ensure an undisturbed, peaceful experience on your visit the Villa!


8. Playa Sonrisa, Riviera Maya

Alternately called the “Smile Beach”, Playa Sonrisa is situated on the Costa Maya, south of Riviera Maya in Xcalak. It is ideal of nudist couples who are looking for a tranquil retreat to escape to. Shed your clothes for the week and enjoy a naturalist vacation in its truest sense! The

resort has a host of activities to offer its guests and includes scuba diving and bonefishing. Your next great adventure could be here!


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