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Best Places to Visit In Mexico

Mexico is a very popular and diverse country. It has everything at its heart from beaches to rich cultural background. Its vibrant nightlife is very much popular among the visitors and the has been declared as the World Heritage by UNESCO. The city offers a great collection of historical as well as contemporary preservations. Exclusive museums, parks, restaurants, and shopping destinations makes it one of the most visited cities in the World.

If you are planning to put Mexico in your list of travel destinations then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get to know about several places to visit in Mexico.

Take a tour to Izamal city

This city of Mexico is also known as Yellow city because each house in this city is painted yellow. This quality of the city makes it unique and must visit the place. It has ancient Mayan ruins which are located in the middle of the city. And it attracts a lot of tourists because of its historical connection with the last Maya Capital.

Izamal city is a yellow city in Mexico enjoy

Enjoy the captivating beauty of Mazatlán

The city of Mazatlan has a wide variety of beaches and if you go beyond that you will also get to explore the Islands of Mazatlan. Here you can hop around the Islands such as Isla de la Piedra also called Horse Island and Isla de Venados is also known as Deer Island. You can private Yatches to take you around the Islands, you also get the chance to spot sea lions, enjoy the sea breeze and watch the marine birds.
One can easily roam freely on the streets of Mazatlán and take snaps of the colorful buildings and houses. You can also explore the local markets of Mazatlán.

The city of Mazatlan has a wide variety of beaches

Enjoy the seaside view of Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a city in Mexico where the sea meets the desert. This one of the most famous spots in Mexico for surfing and diving. You can enjoy whale watching, snorkeling, hang-gliding, antique-hunting, fishing, and golf.

Los Cabos has the best seaside view

Watch the turtles at Akumal

Akumal which means the place of the turtles in Mayan is one of the famous spots for watching sea turtles. As the sea turtles come ashore to lay eggs. You can go to this place for a day trip either from Tulum or Playa del Carmen. Travelers usually enjoy swimming along with the turtles in the shallow lagoon which have crystal clear water.

In Akumal swim with turtles.

Enjoy at the prettiest resort town of Puerto Vallarta

Some of Mexico’s beautiful beaches await you in the city of Puerto Vallarta. This colonial city has an endless collection of art galleries, shopping hubs, hotels, land and water activities. It has dozens of night club where you can get to enjoy the nightlife of Mexico. You also get to enjoy the lush green beauty of jungles in Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico’s beautiful beaches await you in the city of Puerto Vallarta

Enjoy the beaches of Cancun

Cancun city of Mexico is known for its beaches. The beaches of Cancun have fine and coral sands which are very soft. The nightlife of Cancun city is a must to enjoy when you are in Cancun. You will love the Xel-Ha which is a natural aquarium, where you will feel like you watching a dream. One can also visit the underwater museum and get to know about the history of Cancun, which is believed to be the last Mayan empire. There are several things related to the Mayan empire in this city like the temple of the scorpion. You can also visit the secret river which will take you to the Mayan underworld, and an eco-archaeological park where you get to see the natural beauty of Jungle.

Cancun city of Mexico is known for its beaches.

Visit the ruins of Palenque

The ruins of Palenque is located in the center of the jungle and are surrounded by beautiful caves and breathtaking waterfalls that are waiting to be explored. You also get to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment and see a lot of animals and birds like monkey and parrot. It is the most hideous places in Mexico.

Enjoy the captivating beauty of Agua Azul Waterfalls

Agua Azul waterfalls are located in the heart of the jungle which is home to a variety of flora and fauna which is local to that area. You get to see the captivating beauty of the waterfall that falls from cliffs and shallow canyons into the natural pool of water. The turquoise color of water attracts a lot of tourists and wildlife. You will also get to enjoy the exotic wildlife if Mexico in Agua Azul Waterfalls.

See the natural beauty of oceans at Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a desert oasis and has the best climate among all the Mexican countries. It is a heaven for sea surfers, artists, swimmers, travelers and adventurers who are seeking a place with the combo of both healthy lifestyle and natural beauty. This place is a complete blend of contemporary as well as ancient lifestyles. The warm hospitality and world-class facilities make this place a must to visit.

Todos Santos is a desert oasis and has the best climate among all the Mexican countries

Hop around the most beautiful city of Guanajuato

The city of Guanajuato is very colorful and vibrant and follow color schemes such as fuchsia pink with red, baby blue, saffron yellow, and baby blue. This city is famous for silver mining. Even though this city has been a hot spot for tourists, it has managed to maintain its beauty and naturalistic view. The people here enjoy their daily like in a normal way. Neoclassical buildings and fine baroque clearly show the result of silver mining. There are several churches and markets which can be explored when you are in this city.

The city of Guanajuato is very colorful and vibrant


So, if you are visiting Mexico do add all these places on your list and enjoy the beauty of Mexico. You are surely going to fill your brain with lots of memories after your trip is over. Enjoy the several activities in Mexico and also taste the finest cuisines. Indulge in several adrenaline activities happening in and around the city and fill your adventure list with successful stories.

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