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Best RV Parks in Mexico

Traveling around in an RV can be a grand adventure! You will definitely have some wonderful experiences and meet truly fascinating characters. Regardless of whether you intend on traveling or living full-time in an RV, it is convenient. You always have your own belongings, including — a

kitchen, bed and your own restroom. You can go wherever you want to go, as RV parks and campgrounds are dotted all across the United States to Mexico. It is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can boondock or dry camp in the most beautiful desert and

forest lands. However, maintaining an RV can be potentially expensive as maintenance must be performed on a regular basis. Accidents can happen and mechanical issues can arise. Be as prepared as possible so you can prevent a disastrous and expensive situation. If we’ve

convinced you to step out of your comfort zone, below is our list of the best RV parks in Mexico!


Del Fresno RV Park: Chihuahua, Chihuahua

Del Fresno RV Park is former KOA (Kampgrounds of America) territory and space is equipped with all the amenities associated with the franchise, including — hot showers, clean restrooms, swimming pools, convenience stores, playgrounds, as well as a restaurant in case you’re looking

for a hearty meal. Chihuahua borders the majestic Copper Canyon, which is a series of canyons/gorges that are said to be deeper than the Grand Canyon itself. You can explore the canyon in a variety of ways; either by foot, bike or train. Take the Ferrocarril Chihuahua al

Pacifico, commonly known as the ChePe train that will take you around the Copper Canyon as well as the Gulf of California. Don’t miss the intricately designed architecture of Quinta Gameros.

Copper Canyon©/Ted McGrath/Flickr

Playa Bonita Resort: Puerto Penasco, Sonora

Playa Bonita Resort is a popular choice amongst RVers. Additionally, it has a wonderful RV park attached and has plenty of activities on offer. The site overlooks the picturesque Playa Bonita Beach and the Sea of Cortez. Guests can enjoy plenty of amenities and features, such as

spacious clean showers, laundry facilities, a relaxing Jacuzzi, convenience store, as well as satellite TV. Hit the beach with your family, splash around the blue waters or build sandcastles on the beaches of Playa Bonita. Look out for marine life! Pay a visit to the El Pincate y Gran

Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve and immerse yourself in the local flora and fauna on display. Lastly, don’t forget to include Manny’s Tequila Factory on your bucket list — sample some drinks to wash down your meal with.

Playa Bonita Resort ©/Houghtelin/Flickr

Los Mochis Copper Canyon RV Park: Los Mochis, Sinaloa

This RV park welcomes visitors all year round. It may not have the best amenities but it is equipped with basic features like clean washrooms and meeting areas. For those of you who are history enthusiasts, avail tours of the Copper Canyon and visit some giants that rival the Grand

Canyon — missing these spectacular views would be a shame. That aside, you will also find some well-maintained parks — Parque Sinaloa and the botanical gardens at Benjamin F. Johnston Park are a few examples. Trek around and explore historical structures in the area!

Parque Sinaloa©/Los Mochis TV/Flickr

Totonaka RV Park: San Carlos, Sonora

Totonaka RV park offers its guests the best of both worlds, as it is conveniently situated between the sea and the desert. You can go diving, snorkeling, flyboarding, kayaking, partake in guided boat tours or simply admire the seaside. Alternately, the desert is a perfect landscape for hiking,

biking or driving along Mirador Escenico de Sand Carlos, which translates to San Carlos Scene Lookout. Along with recreational opportunities, Totonaka also features 130 RV sites, equipped with electricity, showers, restrooms, laundry services, and cable. You can bring your furry friends

to keep you company on the road and has plenty of nearby restaurants, 24/7 security as well as an onsite RV service.


San Jose del Tajo Resort Trailer Park: Guadalajara, Jalisco

San Jose del Tajo Resort Trailer Park welcomes its guests with open arms and is definitely one of the bigger trailer parks in the country. It has 200 sites in total, out of which 175 are equipped with complete utilities. In terms of facilities, there are bathrooms, showers, laundry as well as pools

and recreational halls. Guadalajara attracts visitors from across the world with its historical architecture and buildings — Instituto Cultural Cabanas, Degollado, and Expiatory Temple are some crowd favorites. If you’re intrigued by early American history, the Guachimontones

Pyramids will hold your interest. Furthermore, San Jose del Tajo is one of the more established trailer parks in the country, you’re in for a fun ride!


Instituto Cultural Cabanas ©/Gigi Black Postcards/Flickr

Club Roca Azul: Jocotepec  Jaslico

If you’re looking to escape city sounds, Club Roca Azul is the perfect destination for you. Peaceful and quiet relaxation are the best ways to describe this popular RV site. The numbers are limited however the 60 sites feature Wi-Fi access and usual amenities including, showers

and laundry facilities. Guests also have access to the resorts facilities such as their walking trails, clubhouse, picnic area, snack bar and pools. Indulge your tastebuds with some local cuisine and wash it down with some delicious drinks. Trek down to Lake Chapala, the country’s biggest

freshwater lake or simply splash around on the beach. If you’re traveling with family, take your kids to a nearby waterpark and spend some time with your significant other at the Monte Coxala Spa.

Lake Chapala ©/Omar Chavez Orozco/Flickr

Villa Patzcuaro: Patzcuaro, Michoacán

For those of you who want the grand Mexican Experience, Villa Patzcuaro is your stop! Walk around this quaint town and visit the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga, more commonly known as the Plaza Grande. Grab a quick bite from one of many restaurants and pick up some beautiful

souvenirs at the local shops. Dive into the historic colonial architecture — Santa Clara del Cobre is a popular example. Villa Patzcuaro is a garden hotel, RV park and has a beautiful landscape. Needless to say, it is equipped with good facilities, including, clean showers and restrooms. You

can also take a dip into their fabulous pool to cool off from the Mexican sun. What more do you need?

Plaza Vasco de Quiroga ©/Jaime Vela Jiménez/Flickr
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