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The Exquisite Mountain Ranges of Mexico

Mexico is surrounded by Guatemala and Belize in the south and the United States in the North. It is central America’s largest country and citizens enjoy a mesmerizing sunset over the Carribean Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a fascinating country that offers enthusiastic travelers a wide variety of sites — blue seas that are home to fish and coral, dreamy beaches, soaring mountains

and volcanoes, jungles teeming with exotic wildlife, rare indigenous art, and a peek into ancient culture. Alternately, the more contemporary parts of the country are brimming with premium hotels and resorts, lush golf courses, mouth-watering cuisine and dazzling cities. Mexico has

something for everyone and this is certainly one travel destination that should be on your bucket list.

If your interest lies in lofty mountains, Mexico has several ranges within its borders, as well as a few that traverse north into the United States and south into Central America. This article lists some of the country’s most ecologically diverse and breathtaking mountain ranges.


Sierra del Tigre

Located in the Sonoran Desert, Sierra del Tigre was a key outpost for the Apaches when they were at war with both Mexico and America during the early 20th century. This particular mountain range is a visual treat for tourists and features the so-called sky island ranges. These ranges are

a set of isolated mountains with varied ground level atmosphere.

Sierra Del Tigre ©/TuriMexico/Pinterest

2. Sierra de Tamaulipas

As the name suggests, this mountain range is situated in Tamaulipas. This part of Mexico is very isolated in comparison and has a semi-tropical climate. It is home to three types of vegetation, including ferns which can be found at the higher altitudes of this range. Similar to Sierra del Tigre,

it is a sky island with some of the deepest cenotes in the world. A cenote, by definition, is a natural “pit of sinkhole” which results as a collapse of limestone that exposes the groundwater underneath. Interestingly, cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Mayans for sacrificial offerings.


3. Sierra Atravesada

Sierra Atravesada, also known as the Sierra de Niltepec, can be found in Oaxaca. This particular mountain range makes up a part of the celebrated Sierra Madre de Chiapas which snakes into Honduras and Guatemala. This range is primarily made of metamorphic rock and granite.

Additionally, the climate of Atravesada is mostly wet and it has a peak that reaches 7,380 ft above sea level.


4. Sierra Madre Occidental

The Sierra Madre Occidental is still home to many indigenous groups despite the efforts of Spanish settlers to displace them and their lust for silver. Madre Occidental extends down the west of the country and is one of the largest mountain ranges in Mexico. Within this extensive

range, tourists can find the Copper Canyon, in Chihuahua which is deeper than Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

©/Sharon Ferguson /Pinterest

5. Sierra Madre Del Sur

The Sierra Madre del Sur spreads across three Mexican states; Guerrero, this is the location of the range’s highest point, Michoacan to the west and Oaxaco to the east. Madre Del Sur is known for its biodiversity and for being home a plethora of unique species. This mountain range

is close to the Trans-Mexican Volcanic and is considered to the least interconnected of Mexico’s Sierra Madre ranges.

©/Gilles Belanger/Flickr

6. Sierra Madre de Oaxaco

Sierra de Madre Oaxaco is another massive mountain range that is located in Oaxaco. Despite its name, however, there are parts of it that cross into Puebla and Veracruz. The peaks within this mountain range between 8,200ft and 9800 ft, in fact, it contains the tallest Mexican Peak,

known as the Pico de Orizaba.


7. Sierra Madre Oriental

Located in north-eastern Mexico, Sierra Madre Oriental is a sprawling 1000km and is composed of several ‘mini’ ranges under its catch-all title. Some of these include Sierra del Bruno and El Coahuilon. The latter is known for containing a lot of pine forests and evergreens, which makes

up part of the Monarch butterfly migration path.


©/José Talavera/Flickr

8. Sierra de Pichachos

If you’re looking for relatively smaller mountain ranges, then Sierra de Pichachos is the one for you. Separated from the Sierra Madre Oriental by a single highway, this range is situated in the northern state of Nuevo Leon. The highest peak stands at 4990ft and is primarily composed of

desert shrubland. Tourists who are particularly intrigued by wildlife can pay a visit for the occasional cougars and American black bears that are a passerby.


9. Sierra de Los Tuxtlas

Located in Veracruz, Sierra de Los Tuxtlas has two defining features — it is a chain of volcanic mountains and also a Biosphere Reserve. The mountain range itself rests between the guarded borders of the Biosphere, which is effective in averting deforestation. Interestingly, Los Tuxtlas

has an active volcano, despite being situated away from the Trans-Mexican and the Central American Volcanic Belts.


10. Sierra de San Carlos

Finally, we wrap up our guide on the most exquisite mountain ranges in Mexico with Sierra De San Carlos. Sierra de San Carlos, also known as Sierra Chiquita can be found in the country’s more remote regions. The climate is mostly dry and the vegetation dominantly consists of desert

thorn shrub. Additionally, this Tamaulipan mountain range is home to several oak-pine forests which grow at higher altitudes, while thorn forests dot the lower body of the mountain. The peaks on this mountain range are relatively low and the highest peak has been recorded at 5,860 ft

above sea level — referred to as Cerro El Hongo.

Taking time to visit this beautiful country is well worth the preparation and hard work that goes into planning any trip. If you love mountains, these ranges are for you! Most of these ranges are easily accessible and you can always consult a tour guide for any additional information or help

you may need on your visit. Along with that, there are also ancient ruins and archaeological sites to see and of course, there is a multitude of resorts for the entire family to stay at. This is your dream vacation, don’t delay it further!

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