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Top things to do in Alamos, Mexico

Alamos is a city of Mexico which is located in the town of Sanora. It one of the eleven magical cities of Mexico. This city has been named after the Alamo tree, which is found in plenty. Alamos is an architectural treasure of Mexico as 188 of its beautiful architecture buildings have been declared National Historic Monument. If you are planning to visit Mexico then you must spare some time to explore the city of Alamos. It has the ancient colonial feel in it. There are several historic monuments and museums in the city that can be explored during the day. In the night you can join the locals at the church to enjoy the services at historic cathedrals.
Here is the list of several things that can be done when you are in Alamos.

Bandelier National Monument

There are several scenic lands that contain the ancestral history of Mexico in the Bandelier National Monument. This place also has majestic canyons and fascinating cliffs which are the main attraction for this monument. One can go for hiking to the Frey Trails and climb ladders and explore the holes carved into cliffs. You also get to see a variety of local wildlife such as bats, rattlesnakes, lizards, and tarantulas. The visitors also get to see the engravings and the rock paintings which are almost 1000 years old. You can also watch informative short films about the ancient civilization in the exhibition at the Bandelier National Monument.
But make sure you carry enough water and snacks with you as there are very few eateries in this area. The temperature also keeps on rising so you need to carry enough water with you.

Bandelier National Monument in Los Alamos

Ashley Pond Park

It is a great place to sit and stroll watching the water. You can enjoy viewing the ducks, geese, and fishes in the pond. The pond is surrounded by the grassy park so you can easily jog or stroll around the pond to get a complete view of the pond. This place is not much crowded so if you want a break from the crowded and populated city you can easily take a bus ride to Ashley pond park and sit calmly and enjoy the natural beauty.

Ashley Pond Park Los Alamos in Mexico

Los Alamos Nature center

This is one of the perfect places for people of all age groups. There are several things such as planetarium, children’s discovery area, hiking trail, and many such things. The hiking trail will take you from the nature center into a beautiful forested canyon. You can enjoy the stunning wildflowers on your hiking trip and discover many mountain Herbarium with wide varieties of plant species. The tourists get to enjoy the exceptional view of Jemez mountain from the Nature Center.
Kids enjoy thoroughly at the children’s discovery area by snuggling up with the books, enjoying puppet shows, and examine the natural world with high definition video microscope present over the naturalist desk.
The exhibition on wildlife allows you to feel the fur of the animals and touch their feathers. You also get to examine the scats and skull of the animals.

Los Alamos Nature center in Mexico

Los Alamos History Museum

Los Alamos History Museum presents the history of Los Alamos from a different perspective like outdoor and indoor venues, artifacts, photographs, documents, video, and audio recordings, and visitors interactive experiences. This museum promotes the history, culture and inspiring stories of Los Alamos to its future generation and global audience. There is a gift shop inside the museum where you can purchase things related to the history of Los Alamos.

Los Alamos History Museum in Los Alamos

Frijoles Canyon

Frijoles Canyon is a beautiful canyon with several hiking trails. You get to see a lot of greenery and wildlife creatures along your hiking trail. People get to enjoy the refreshing beauty of nature and take along a lot of adrenaline experiences with them. There are several dwelling cliffs and picnic spots in this area. It is a perfect place for a day outing. This place has high stone cliffs on one side and wooded hills on the other side separated by a river that runs exactly between them.

Frijoles Canyon is a beautiful canyon with several hiking trails.

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area

This place is among the most visited places in Los Alamos. It is mostly crowded during winter. The mountain has a perfect elevation and vertical drop for skiable terrain. There are several snow sports that you can choose from when you visit this place. The fooding and lodging facilities are well developed in this area, you can enjoy the best of Mexican and local dishes in the restaurants present over here. If you are not interested in skiing you can surely enjoy the scenic beauty of this place and go horse riding.
During summer this place offers special events such as mountain biking on single and double tracks, hiking trails and horse riding. There are also camps set up for those who want to have a night stay in the mountains.

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area in Los Alamos Mexico

Bishop Reyes Cathedral

It is an impressive historic church in Los Alamos. You will get to learn about the history and architecture of the church when you visit this place. One can visit this church to have a peaceful evening. The interior of this church is very much attractive and breathtaking. It creates a beautiful ambiance for Alamos. You can enjoy the local culture of Los Alamos in this church. The ornate architecture of this cathedral makes it a favorite among the photographers.

Bishop Reyes Cathedral Los Alamos in Mexico


So, if you are planning to visit the city of Los Alamos do add these places on your list and enjoy them thoroughly. You can enjoy hiking, skiing, and several adrenaline activities in this city. The fooding facility in this area is very well maintained, you get to enjoy the best cuisines of Los Alamos. The scenic beauty is very much attractive and captivating for the tourists.
Do enjoy the city and take several beautiful memories with you while leaving this city.
I hope your list is filled with several spots to visit in Los Alamos.

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