What is the legal drinking age in Mexico?

Mexico is a country that loves to live its life to the fullest and enjoys every moment of it. The legal drinking age in Mexico for youngsters is 18 years and the youngsters are also required to show their identification proof before ordering their booze.

All you need to know about drinking in Mexico

If you are traveling to Mexico with your friends all are going on a family trip then you would require carrying all your identification proof so that you can enjoy drinking in the country without breaking the laws.

Drinking age and vacations in Mexico

It does not matter whether you are alone or traveling to Mexico with your family. If you want to enjoy a drink then you must be above 18 years of age and should also have an identity card that proves your age. Remember that the Mexican government is very strict about their rules and if you are found guilty then it will land you in a big problem.

Mexico drinking age and spring break

The Cancun Mexico drinking age is fixed to 18 years and above and if you are traveling to Cancun along with you for spring break then it has to be along with your identity card. Their laws and rules for youngsters and travelers are very strict and if found guilty you might lands up in imprisonment of 1 year or more.

It is also considered illegal if you drink in public or are walking on the road while taking a sip of your drink. But the students who have their spring breaks are allowed to drink till the time they are not harmful to themselves or to the surrounding people and property.

It is illegal to visit Cancun Mexico and take drugs. People found in taking drugs are given strict punishment and have to bear a lot of consequences because of breaking the laws. The government has set limits of some drugs that can be used and if you are found exceeding the limit then there is no chance of clarification but straight away for a year of imprisonment is given to the person who broke the law.

The students who are on their spring break must only hire the taxis that have the special logo on them and are made for only the students. If you use an unlicensed taxi then there are a lot of chances that you might end up in being a part of a crime.

Nobody is allowed to go swimming after consuming any kind of alcohol. A lot of safety measures have to be taken care of if you are drunk and planning to hit the beach.

Cancun Mexico drinking age

If you are 18 years or above then drinking in Mexico will be legal for you but only if you show your identity card at the counter. Clubs and lounges in the country will only allow you to enter inside only when you show them the card that bears your age proof.

Mexico is very cautious about the laws and regulations that it implies on the travelers as well as on the students and if anyone is found breaking the same will land themselves in trouble. Students who are on their spring break can enjoy some relaxation but that must also be in the set limit to save themselves from the cops.

Rules that you must take care of when in Mexico

With so much to do in Mexico, it is very normal to land up drinking until the odd hours. But be very cautious when you do so as it will land you in big trouble if you are found breaking any kind of laws by the cops.

While it is very much known to that entire people in Mexico love to drink and enjoy partying but it is strictly not allowed to drink in the public and if found doing so you will be given a full year of imprisonment. One is not allowed to drink in public but it is perfect to fine to drink in resorts and at parties.

You might also land up in a lot of problems that will be a headache for you. So you must make sure that you are with your group and you have lemons and salt to get rid of the hangover.
People are not allowed to swim when they are drunk. Swimming is not at all allowed for the sake of your own security. Students who are on their spring break have to follow a number of rules. The safety guides make sure that if anyone if found drunk is handed over to the police and will have to go through a lot of consequences after that.

Rules for women in Mexico

Women who are traveling alone in Mexico must avoid drinking and should not travel alone at all. The country is not considered to be very safe for females traveling alone late at night. The crime rate against women is a lot in the country and for which they have to be safe and carry stuff in their bag that can protect them from harassment like pepper spray and a knife.
The student who visit the country during the spring holidays generally tend to break rules and get drunk after which it becomes really difficult to control them and in this conditions, they do fall in misbehaving with the females so it is recommended to stay at home or in your hostel if you are living alone in the country.


These were some things that one must keep in mind when in Mexico and planning to party along with your gang or are there for your spring holidays. If you follow all the rules that have been implemented by the government you will end up n enjoying your trip without any hassles and will come back to your daily routine with endless memories and a relaxed mind that will stay with you for a long period.