Different Dance Forms as Salsa


London England City Guide: Best Places to Learn Latin, Salsa, and Ballroom Dancing in London

Updated as on19th Feb 2017 – still, work in progress, please bear!

I have recently taken up ballroom and latin dancing and have explored almost all top venues in London for several dance forms which include Zouk, Forro (pronounced Foho) by Forro family, Urban Wiz, Kizomba, Bachata Sensual, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, Kuduro, Merengue, and Salsa.

Different Dance Forms as Salsa

Watch the space since I would be writing reviews of various dancing venues in London including Bar Salsa near Tottenham court road in West end, Kizomba Addiction at Moorgate, Pineapple studios in Covent garden, Salsateca and more. If you want to participate in any of the flashmobs, usually there are many around Central London and I will add some of the events here.

Different Dance Forms as Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba

While learning various dance forms, one common problem I have realized is most of the times I keep forgetting the combinations learned in just a few days. Am sure there would be more people with similar problem.

Different Dance Forms as Salsa

Over next few weeks, I am hoping to write at least the basic steps of all above dances, since I know only basics so far! Also aiming to record some videos and post it on a new youtube channel.

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Salsa steps list for dummies Step Code Step Starting position Ending position / Ways to come out Associated Video           BASIC Basic       SIDE Cucaracha / Side step         Different ways for CBL       TIP — Try CBL with various holds – single hand, L2L, Shakehand, Both hands and it creates different variations         CBL-S Single hand walk   start with hand Left to Left   CBL-D Double hand walk CBL Normal Lady on opposite side with double hands turned   CBL-IT CBL with inside turn   Lead on 5 in opposite direction   CBL-OT CBL with outside turn   Lead on 3 in opposite direction, lady takes 1.5 turns   CBL-HL Both hands CBL into hammerlock       CBL-SHAKE HAND-INSIDE-TURN Stop her on shoulder in the middle and take back step and turn to open up     London Ruby bar CBL-IT-BOTH-HANDS-WRAP-UNWARP       London Ruby bar CBL-IT-BOTH-HANDS-WRAP-UNWARP IN HAMMERLOCK       London Ruby bar   Various turns       Single Single hand left turn, Switch hands   L2L, L2R, Shakehand hold or L2L   T double Double hand left turn on same spot   1. Usual double hand turns to return to normal hold 2. Haircomb to both and then lead on close hold   Tshake Shakehand hold right turn                             Hammerlock        HL-WALK HL-SPOT Either a walking hammerlock of same spot Usual hammerlock 1. Usual left turn 2. CBL w/inside turn 3. Back break, lady is led on your right, hand R2L Back to back then just spin without hands lady in Copa       HL on another side, i.e. Hands in L2R position Both facing same direction and lead into Copa watch                       Titanic / Butterfly       BFLY-TURN  Left over Right, CBL with simple overhead both hands turn       BFLY-BOTH CBL with both hands stretched titanic position   Lead with RH fwd and then unwind with normal right turn   BFLY-HALF Half Titanic – Left hand on lady’s right shoulder, right hand stretched   1. Flick the right hand, hold it on lady’s left waist 2. 1.5 turn for the lady to end up in right to right Hammerlock 3. normal CBL lead and open hold                         COPA                                       REVERSE SPIN                 RSPIN Backbreak, close hold and pull the lady on on opposite side on your right using Hool step and then normal CBL to open up                             CLOSE HOLD SIDE TO SIDE        SIDE-SIDE Just like New York step in cha cha cha Close hold on right then close hold on left                 WRAPS       WRAP-RIGHT-TURN Back break and pull the lady on your right with inside turn then let her complete turn while you change positions LEFT TO LEFT     WRAP-RIGHT-UNWRAP Back break and pull the lady on your right with inside turn then stop her on her left shoulder after 1,2,3 and then unwrap her to original position on 5,6,7                   BOTH TURN TOGETHER         SWING BOTH HANDS DURING 1,2,3 AND THEN START TURNING AT 5,6,7

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