Shrewsbury England Travel Guide

Shrewsbury England Travel Guide,photos

Shrewsbury England Travel Guide, photos:

Dingle Quarry Garden st Chads Shrewsbury

The Quarry is the main park in the Shropshire county. It’s not too far from the train station. It took me about 15-20 minutes to walk.

Shrewsbury England Travel Guide

It is called “the Quarry” park as there used to be a stone quarry there, used in the Middle Ages. It was a small quarry and now has been transformed into a flower garden with ponds and fountains, called The Dingle (dingle is a Shropshire word used for a picturesque valley.

St. Chad’s church

St. Chad’s church is just opposite the Dingle garden.

Shrewsbury England Travel Guide

Shrewsbury Architecture

Another place to visit is the city center which retains its old charm.

Shrewsbury England Travel Guide

Shrewsbury England Travel

There is a fort right next to the train station.

Shrewsbury England Travel Guide

I would not say Shrewsbury is a must-see attraction in the UK.

Dingle Garden Picture

Dingle Garden is located within the Quarry Park and features ornamental season flowerbeds, rockeries, ornamental grass areas, shrub bed areas and various water features. This Garden set in the heart of glorious mid-Wales

Shrewsbury England Travel Guide

Suggested Itineraries: Half a day is good enough to visit above attractions on foot.

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