Canyoning Slovenia

Canyoning is an extreme water sport that you can experience safely in Slovenia. With suitable equipment and a guide, you can enjoy leaping into pools, sliding over small waterfalls and swimming down crystal-clear streams. These are often hidden in narrow canyons in unspoiled natural surroundings. The most suitable canyons are Sušec, Fratarca, and Mlinarica near the Soča Valley and Mostnica, Grmečica and Jerečica near Lake Bohinj. A guide is compulsory in Slovenia since this is the only way to ensure a safe and enjoyable adrenaline-boosting adventure. It is recommended to hire a local guide.

Canyoning water sport in Slovenia

While on holidays in Slovenia a true outdoor adventure enthusiast would not miss out on wonders hidden deep within the waterfalls and pools that the water took thousands of years to create. Canyoning in Slovenia is certainly one of the most exciting and adrenaline-full ways to make your travel around the country more exciting and get a first-hand experience of its untouched nature.

In the extreme north-west of Slovenia lies the Karstic world of the Soča Valley. This is an area where streams have drilled through rocks for centuries and limestone has been formed and re-molded for millennia. The net result of this is the creation of astonishing canyons and gushing waterfalls.

Also in the north-west is Lake Bled. This pristine environment provides a stunning backdrop for your canyoning adventure. And when you’re done with the adrenalin, relax, in the thermal pools that surround the area.

Finally, Triglav National Park should not be forgotten when considering Canyoning. It is a relatively inaccessible area that will be more challenging to travel through but the environment is awesome.
Summer extends from June to September and is the best time of year for this activity.

Equipment Needed

Because of the descent through a canyon – canyoning means hiking on a river bed and jumping into cold water as well you will need a swimming costume to wear under your wetsuit, a towel and something warm to wear once you get out of the cold water.

Canyoning in Bohinj

Bohinj valley has a lot of hidden canyons and Pac Sports organizes canyoning in most magnificent ones: canyon Mostnica, canyon Grmečica, canyon Jerečica and canyon Blatnica.


Mostnica canyon is located in the Triglav National Park and is considered as one of the most beautiful canyons in Slovenia. The canyoning includes two 3 m high jumps and we do not need the rope for descending the waterfalls, so we recommend this canyon for the beginners, who haven’t done canyoning before.

Meeting point: Hostel Pod Voglom (Bohinj, Ribčev Laz)
Number of participants: 3 – 30
Necessary equipment: bathing suit, towel, and T-shirt
The duration of the programme: 3.5 – 4 hours

Life Trek Adventures Offers the Great Canyoning Adventure

Itinerary at a glance

Day 1: Transfer from Ljubljana Airport to Bled / basic canyoning in Bled and Bohinj area + cliff diving near Bohinj lake

Day 2: Bled – Bovec / canyoning Fratarca / Lepena nature camp / optional rafting on Soca river

Day 3: Lepena – Trenta Valley/canyoning Mlinarica – Ljubljana airport.

Dates: May/June/July/August/September/October

Duration: 3 days

Price: 234 EUR / person (at 4 persons)

Organizer: Agencija Julijana

To enjoy canyoning in The Gorenjska region and the Julian Alps, contact-

Address: Borovška Cesta 61 4280 Kranjska Gora

Phone: +386 (0)4 588 13 25, +386 (0) 41 623 701

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