Christmas Celebration in Slovenia

Celebrating Christmas in Slovenia is always fascinating, and It is full of both beauty and intrigue. Firstly there’s the mountain scenery, hopefully, blanketed by the season’s first snow for classic Christmas scenes. Then there is the list of wonderful celebrations, from Christmas trees which were traditionally hung upside down from the ceiling and decorated with crops, to the wonderful twists on the traditional Christmas dinners we all know and love, magical nativity scenes in unique settings and the arrival of Grandfather Frost. Based in Slovenia’s beautiful capital, this festive holiday embraces the best of Ljubljana and Slovene traditions.

Christmas Decorations in Slovenia

In the Occasion of Christmas creation of nativity scenes is a tradition in Slovenia that dates back several hundred years. Though the creation of nativity scenes to display in the home is common, live publicly viewable nativity scenes have grown in popularity. In olden time homemade decorations are used to decorate Christmas trees now a day people purchased decorations. Evergreen decorations and wreaths are also seen in Slovenia during Christmas time

Santa Claus in Slovenia

Slovenia’s Santa Claus tradition pulls from many other European traditions. Children in Slovenia can receive gifts from St. Nicholas, Baby Jesus, Santa Claus, or Grandfather Frost. St. Nicholas visits on St. Nicholas Day, December 6. Santa Claus or Baby Jesus visits on Christmas, and Grandfather or Father Frost may appear at the New Year.