Cycling Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country, and when it comes to cycling, that is a privilege; on a bicycle, you can easily ride the distances here and if you are one of those enthusiastic cyclists, you could suddenly find yourself on the other side of the country. Slovenia is a hospitable country that surprises its visitors with the abundance of traditional Slovenian food as well as culinary masterpieces that originated outside the country but have received a Slovenian touch. To complement their dishes there have always been excellent wines of three Slovenian wine growing regions.

Cycling in Slovenia

Slovenia’s exceptionally diverse landscape, with its countless sites of natural beauty, both strikingly evident and more subtly concealed, make it an ideal choice for biking holidays. Every biker can find a route that suits. You can never be bored on a bike in Slovenia. The influence of the Mediterranean climate means that biking can be enjoyed almost throughout the entire year. The exception is the Alps, which is a wonderful attraction in the summer when overheating bikers can cool off.


The center of Pohorje bicycling is located at the upper station of the gondola lift from Maribor. Here is the Martin Cycling Village with a pension, log cabins, and a campground. Renting and maintenance of bicycles are provided, guides are available, and, most important, an extensive network of trails across Pohorje begins here. Over 200 kilometers of trails have been marked, and the most enthusiastic cyclists can tackle the four kilometers long safeguarded recreation downhill trail.

Bicycling is possible in all seasons in Slovenia as the mild coastal climate allows pleasant bicycling even in the winter months. In the alpine world, on the contrary, the most pleasant bicycling season is in mid-summer when the coast and the plains are too hot. Most of Slovenia lies in the transitional climate area between sub-Mediterranean and temperate continental climate regions. Northeastern Slovenia lies in the continental part of the country where the temperatures for bicycling are most favorable between April in October.

Cycling Destinations

  1. Bled,  BLED
  3. Bovec and its surroundings,  BOVEC
  4. Dolenjska,  NOVO MESTO
  5. Idrija and Cerkno,  IDRIJA
  6. Koroška Colourful Valleys,  DRAVOGRAD
  7. Kranjska Gora – Amazing cycling adventures,  KRANJSKA GORA
  8. Maribor – Pohorje,  MARIBOR
  9. Moravske Toplice and its surroundings,  MORAVSKE TOPLICE
  10. Postojna and Notranjska Bike Park,  POSTOJNA
  11. Slovenian Istria,  KOPER
  12. The Posavje region – Municipality of Brežice,  BREŽICE
  13. Tolmin–Kobarid Land of Living Water,  TOLMIN
  14. Zreče – Rogla,  ZREČE
  15. Drameljska kolesarska pot,  LAZE PRI DRAMLJAH