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Day Trips From Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a small city, and very soon you might feel like exploring its surroundings. Of course, first you can experience the woods of the Tivoli hill, but this would more than likely not take you more than one lazy afternoon. Being in the heart of the country, Ljubljana is in an ideal spot to take day trips from to explore the medieval castles and splendid caves that line the way to the Adriatic sea. Unless you are coming with your own car to visit most of the castles and caves, it’s perhaps best to join an organized day tour.

If you’re looking to take a break from soaking up the atmosphere and history in the Slovenian capital, trips from Ljubljana offer a wide variety of options. While there are many things to see and do within the city limits of Ljubljana, there are just as many things to see and do that are a short distance outside of town.

City of Kranj

A charming old town just half an hours drive from Ljubljana, Kranj was built on the shores of two Alpine rivers, Sava and Kokra, and today is known as the city of France Preseren, the poet. It is also the capital of the Gorenjska region. With an attractive old town, the canyons of Kokra river and some beautiful nearby hills, lakes, and mountains (with ski resorts), Kranj is an ideal place to start your outdoor adventure. It is a regional university center and located only 7 km from Ljubljana Airport.

The Countryside

Taking a ride to Slovenia’s countryside is a way to experience the country’s natural beauty (in the Day Trips). This can be accomplished by hiking, biking, and/or simply driving to a destination and grabbing a bite to eat at an out-of-the-way restaurant.

There are a few small towns that are very historical. One of the most famous is an area called, “ Škofja Loka.” This is a town that has been preserved as completely medieval, and tourists frequently visit to see what life was like during that period of time.

It is recommended to visitors who are interested in learning something more about Lake Bled, to take a sightseeing tour around this resort (day trips). Bled was discovered by the tourists in the middle of the 19th century, after a Swiss doctor, Mr. Arnold Rikli, had built a climactic health center there.

Bled is often mentioned as the pearl of the Alpine region. It is unique with its emerald-green lake, a church on the island in the middle of the lake and a medieval castle from the 11th century, perched on a cliff above the lake. It’s also worth noting Lake Bled is popular for skiing in Slovenia, take a look at our winter breaks pages.

After a bus ride around the lake, a guided tour of Bled castle will start. Then you will be taken by Bled’s traditional “Pletna” boats to the island, where you will have a chance to enjoy its beauty for yourself.

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