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For centuries, Equestrianism and riding have formed an intrinsic part of a tradition in Slovenia, thanks to the Lipica Stud Farm, a cradle of the world-famous Lipizzaners. Experiencing Slovenia from the saddle is a pleasure offered by numerous equestrian centers, tourist farms, and ranches. Tourists can ride horses (Horses Slovenian) around fenced farm fields, or follow guides into meadows and forests. Additionally, they can also ride in the landscape parks and in Triglav National Park. Longer riding tours are also available.

Horse lovers should not miss a tour of the Lipica Stud Farm, where the thoroughbred white Lipizzaner horses have been bred for more than 400 years. Lipizzaners delight fans of classical equestrianism in the style of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, with dressage displays and as carriage horses. Lipica is a cultural monument of European and has an international reputation. It is located in Slovenia’s karst region, an unusual stony land covered with low bushes, small pine forests, and vineyards. Close to the Slovene-Italian border in a lush green oasis with avenues lined with trees between one hundred and one hundred and sixty years old, the Lipica stud, a cradle of the Lipizzaner, has been developing for more than four hundred years. In 1580, the Austrian Archduke Karl II established the stud, and it was the property of the Austrian court until 1918.

Today, Lipica is a tourist and recreation center that is not just interesting for its study and the white beauties Valvasor described in 1689. It can now boast of its varied offer; in particular, the performances of its classic riding school are an unforgettable experience. Today, Lipica is known as an international venue for traditional equestrian events including World Cup dressage competitions and the Lipica Stud Days. Lipica is increasingly becoming Slovenia’s equestrian center where lovers of equestrian sports from Slovenia and abroad meet. Even before the Lipica Stud was established, karst mares were bred on the Lipica estate and mated at the wish of the Vienna court with Andalusian, Italian, Danish, and later Arab stallions. The result was the Lipizzaner, a unique horse breed of medium size about 160 centimeters in height. It has lively eyes and an intelligent look, a muscular neck carried high, and a thick tail. The legs are strong and muscular, and the hooves firm for movement on the rocky karst terrain. A settled and gracious gait, a long lifespan, and a great learning ability distinguish the Lipizzaner, and it is, therefore, more suitable than other horses for Haute Ecole training. Its beauty can best be seen in motion as its charm lies in its harmony of movement.

If tourists do not yet know how to ride, beginners’ and intermediate lessons and dressage courses are offered at equestrian centers and on ranches. In many establishments, ponies are available for children, and an increasing number of riding clubs offer Icelandic horses.
The majority of equestrian centers also offer coach rides. These are also available in several tourist destinations around Slovenia, like Bled.

Another center of equestrianism and riding is Ljutomer, where the Ljutomer trotter breed has been developed over the centuries. These are fast horses (Horses Slovenian) used for harness racing. At least four important harness race meets are held at the Hippodrome in Ljutomer every year.

The American trotter is a breed that provokes admiration at the Brdo breeding center, where the best Slovenian horses and riders compete on the sand racing track, complete with stands for the spectators.

Apart from this, ‘Therapeutic riding’ has also been developed in Slovenia. This form of riding is designed in particular for those with special needs and is a combination of medicine, education, and sport.

Tanja Grubacevic

The beginnings of the Tanja Grubacevic Riding School go back to 1992 when the Grubacevic family installed the first stalls for horses. Today, the center has eight sport and ten recreation horses, two ponies, and an Icelandic horse. With their horses, they have participated successfully in numerous competitions. Tourists can train and qualify for Rider 1 and Rider 2 licenses at the riding school, but of course, you can also just come to see the noble animals in action over the jumps. Riding in an idyll winter setting is also an unforgettable experience.

Triglav National Park

Cross country horseback riding on incredible white horses – Lipizzaners in the stunning nature of the Triglav National Park. There is also a whole day country traveling, half day riding trough Radovna valley or just two hours ride which is apt for those who had never ridden a horse before.
A group of experienced and professional guides who love adventures and untouched nature are specialized in horse riding and other activities in the area around Bled and Julian Alps. On top of that, they use the high-quality equipment.

Agency Lifetrek

This school explores the countryside around Bled on the horseback like the Sava River, Around Golf Course, St Catherine’s Church and so on. Lifetrek is a Bled based tourist agency in Slovenia. The trainers are young, energetic yet professional and responsible team and have been providing the ultimate resource on outdoor adventure and pleasant stays in Slovenia since 1998.

Alpine action

Horse riding trips of different lengths and difficulties for beginners and experienced riders: trekking along the river, cross-country riding, pony walks for children, and western horse riding school. Their trekking tours to the mountains with sleeping in the bivouacs and alms are unique experiences.


The hamlet of Bryce is situated on the eastern slope of the Bikini mountain range between the Trieste-Rijeka and Postojna-Rijeka main roads. An asphalt road links it to Ilirska Bistrica four kilometers away. Only thirty residents occupy its ten houses. The Bostjancic family has arranged their homestead in the traditional village style, and guests may use the renovated “black” kitchen. Along with accommodations for their guests, they also provide boarding for horses (Horses Slovenian) and a riding arena.


Brdo, which is a protocol establishment of the Republic of Slovenia, is not merely a place where heads of state and important figures from political and cultural life meet. Here in peaceful and green surroundings, everyone will find numerous opportunities for relaxation and sports activities like fishing, tennis, recreation in the park. In 1981, a stud for trotters was established, the only one in Slovenia to boast the title “breeding center.” There is space for fifty horses in the stables, and in the picturesque surroundings is an 800-meter, sand-covered racecourse with bleachers. On the first Sunday in September, the best horses and drivers come from across Slovenia to compete. Besides breeding American trotters, the breeding center also boards and trains horses (Horses Slovenian) for private owners. The riding center includes two stables with around twenty horses, an arena, and a small hippodrome.

Burger Venise Ranch

The Burger Venise Ranch lies in the Zadrecka Dolina valley where nature with its silver peaks and green meadows on one hand and the man with his creativity and spirit of enterprise on the other embraced to create an attractive setting for enjoying recreation in a natural setting. Here one can take refuge if you long for peace else can also, spend their excess energy on horseback. The ranch boasts five different breeds of horses (Horses Slovenian), including two Dutch Frisians, the only ones in Slovenia.

Konjeniski Park Starosince

Konjeniski Park Starosince, between vast pastures and fields, welcomes the tourists in the embrace of nature. They do equine-assisted therapies for children and adults with special needs, educate therapeutic horses and do education programs for therapists for equine assisted therapy. Here one can learn horseback riding, learn about the life of the horses (Horses Slovenian) and the work with them, help us out as a volunteer or just visit our themed park with didactic learning gadgets, which train all the 5 senses.

Kras Sezana Club

The Kras Sezana Club gathers horse lovers and riding enthusiasts of all disciplines. But above all, they dedicate themselves to jumping over obstacles, dressage and riding in nature.

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