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Interview Island: once a sanctuary for elephants

Situated on the remote North West coast of Middle Andaman, Interview Island is completely uninhabited, large and flat. It is a wonderful nature sanctuary which can be reached by a fishing dinghy from the jetty at Mayabunder.

The island is home to a variety of endemic and endangered birds. Feral elephants are a surprising sight here, keeping in mind the fact that this is an island not connected to any major land-mass. Story goes that tamed elephants were brought to this island for lumbering by a company which deserted them once the lumbering business was stopped in the 1950’s. The Eastern coastline of this island is frequented by salt-water crocodiles. The unique feature of this island is its low cave at the southern tip which houses a perennial fresh water pool. It is believed that this pool has no bottom and is full all year round. Interview Island has become a nesting site for white bellied swifts.

A Wildlife Sanctuary was established here in 1985 to protect the elephants. To protect this wonderful nature sanctuary, the forest department does not allow night trips to Interview island. Moreover, a special permission has to be taken from their office at Mayabunder for a day-trip.

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