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Lake Bohinj Slovenia

Bohinj Lake surely needs no introduction as a starting point for mountain hikes and walking. Triglav alone, the highest mountain in Slovenia, can be reached from three directions (Dolina Sedmerih Jezer, Voje valley, Pokljuka).

Bohinj Lake lies between Bohinj’s mountains, which rise from 1,600 to 2,000 meters and is Slovenia`s largest glacial lake. It is 4.2 kilometers long, one kilometer wide, and forty-five meters deep. Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia. The origin of a lake is glacier / tectonic type. The glacier excavates bottom of a lake and encircles it with moraine on the east side. The main source of the lake is waterfall Savica that flow in at Ukanc and on the other side flow out as river Jezernica. After 100 meters the river Mostnica attach to Jezernica and both flow from her as river Sava Bohinjka. On the north border of the lake, we find underwater sources. The most known are Govic. The lake is pretty cold; the average temperature is 8,5 degrees, but in July and August the temperature rise until 20 degrees. So in the summer, the lake is very suitable for bathing.

Reflected in the still waters of the gorgeous lake are the imposing peaks of the Julian Alps which flank the peaceful village and conjure up some truly fantastic views. Bohinj itself is a scattering of small hamlets with hotels and houses dispersed along the water’s densely wooded southern shores. A unique and rustic ambiance emanates through the narrow roads to the tranquil foothills, making Bohinj the perfect setting to completely relax and recuperate.

Heart of the Julian Alps

Bohinj is one of the most beautiful places in the heart of the Julian Alps and in the Triglav National Park. The natural beauty of high mountains, green forests, a rather large glacier lake, and the cultural and historical monuments, guarantee visitors a pleasant stay in this beautiful valley. Walks across the mountains of Bohinj the ridge of the Spodnje Bohinjske Gore mountains with their fairy-tale beauty, easier climbing routes such as Miseljski Greben or Verner, these are just a few suggestions. First-grade maps, marked paths, guide-books, they all enable most mountaineers to take a trip by themselves.

Other activities in Bohinj include, riding, (Mrcina Ranch, Studor), Cycling, Sport climbing, Kerala Sports Track , Bowling (Bohinj Park Eko Hotel), High Rope Course , Skikanje , Cave Exploring, Paragliding, Biathlon shooting on Pokljuka, Outdoor fitness (Stara Fužina), Mini golf, Tenis and, Archery (Pokljuka

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