Ljubljana Car Rentals

Car rental reservations are always suggested and there are quick and easy ways to accomplish this. You can call any company directly with your information and dates that you are wanting to rent the car or you can book the reservation online at one of many different car rental websites. Including rental company websites.

Car Rental Companies and Rules

Most of the international car rental companies have their office in Ljubljana, either in the town or at Ljubljana airport. The minimum age of driving in Slovenia is 18 years, however, to rent a car you need at least 3 years of driving experience. To hire a car, you also need an international credit card (such as Visa, Mastercard or Diners Club). Then you also need a personal document: ID or passport, along with the driving license


Ljubljana Car Rental

Rent a car with Europcar Ljubljana car rental and make the most of the travels. Europcar offers you low prices, great service, and new vehicles. Ljubljana car rental stations are where you need them: in city centers, airports, and railway stations. Europcar has the right rental car or truck for you. Rent a car with Europcar today.

Car hire Ljubljana and apartments Ljubljana can fit together like a hand and a glove. Choosing the right apartment Ljubljana that has a good connectivity to major road network, as well as a safe parking place or even garage, can be greatly beneficial to your stay in Ljubljana, as it will cut down idle time considerably (the time you spend getting to the car from Car hire Ljubljana and then travelling through traffic). Your stay in Ljubljana, Slovenia without unnecessary idle time will now be packed with many more memorable events and much less traveling or waiting. Car hire Ljubljana thus recommends finding an apartment Ljubljana that meets these conditions: first, they must be easily accessible from major traffic routes; second, they must have a safe and convenient parking place for the car hire. Convenient meaning that you can easily and quickly take the car out without spending too much time navigating. It works best if the apartments Ljubljana have their own garage with an exit right next to a street. Enjoying your vacation is important, so don’t forget those two tips!

Enjoy Car Hire is at the forefront of offering the best deal when hiring a car from Ljubljana airport. With an exclusivity gained from a local supplier, Enjoy can guarantee you won’t find a cheaper price. Our service guarantees that you know exactly how you pay and what is included before you arrive so there will be no unwanted surprises when you arrive. With car pick up straight from the airport your holiday can begin with ease and peace of mind.