Ljubljana Concerts of Music

Music events in Ljubljana or Concerts of Music, reflect the city’s two basic characteristics: a rich tradition and a vibrant youthful atmosphere. Throughout the year, Ljubljana hosts a range of larger music events and festivals of both classical music and jazz, folk, rock and a number of alternative music genres.

Concerts of MusicThe most prestigious festivals featuring mainly classical music with sporadic additions of jazz and avant-garde music are the Ljubljana Summer Festival (Ljubljanski Poletti festival), the Slovenian Musical Days (Slovenski Glasbeni Dnevi) and the Summer in Ljubljana Old Town festival (Poletje v Stari Ljubljana). Ljubljana also hosts the traditional Druga Godba festival, one of Europe’s finest festivals of world music, and the much acclaimed Ljubljana Jazz Festival. Concerts of classical music (Concerts of Music) take place in Ljubljana throughout the year.

Concerts of Music

Ljubljana is always bustling with the cultural entertainment for its people and also enjoyed by tourists where the language is not a barrier. During the summer, the streets of Ljubljana are daily changes in small markets, street theatres, and concerts venues. There are a number of cinemas, galleries, and museums to keep you entertained all year long.

Concerts of alternative music (Concerts of Music) mainly take place at places such as the Klub K4 club, the KUD France Preseren arts and cultural center, and the Metelkova Mesto alternative culture center. Located in a former barracks complex, the latter has developed into a very special cultural phenomenon. Hosting concerts, lectures, DJ performances and other events featuring performers from around the world on a daily basis, it has become an important venue for alternative cultural events.


Slovenia, which cannot (it must be said) boast a truly rich tradition of indigenous music often looks to its former co-tenants, and music of the republics of the late Yugoslavia is all the rage at two clubs: Tramontana, celebrated for its Balkan žur (Balkan party), and Katastrofa (431 51 55; www.petica.si, Celovška Cesta 25; 20:00-05:00 Fri & Sat) in the Tivoli Recreation Centre in Park Tivoli.

Philharmonic Hall, Kongresni Trg, 01/241 08 00

After more than a year of reconstruction, the traditional home of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra is open once again. This custard-yellow concert hall shows its bare modern backside to the river, turning a more elegant face (cryptically inscribed “Academia Philharmonicorum”) towards Kongresni Trg. The spiritual ancestor of one of Europe’s oldest musical societies, Philharmonic Hall has now reassumed its rightful place as Ljubljana’s foremost classical music venue.

Kavarna Pločnik

With the distinctive name of ‘Pavement’, this roped-off café-bar on the southern side of Prešernov Trg is one of the most popular places for a drink. Sit outside and watch the passing parade or listen to some live music (most nights).