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Ljubljana Train System

Travel to Ljubljana

Ljubljana has always had a strategically good position for traveling between Italy, Central Europe, and the Balkans. Nowadays it’s easily accessible due to a well-developed network of railways and roads. Slovenian airlines Adria airways supply flights for the Ljubljana airport, thus connecting the capital with many European cities.

Travel to Ljubljana by Train

Slovenia has a developed network of railways, connecting Ljubljana with Graz and Klagenfurt (Austria) to the north and Trieste (Italy) to the west. Ljubljana’s main train station, simply called “Ljubljana”, is within an easy walk to the city center. The website of Slovenian Railways (Slovenske Zeleznice) displays train schedules, also in English:

The Ljubljana bus and train stations are located next to each other at Trg Osvobodilne Fronte (“Trg” means square in Slovenian). The two stations are located just north of the city center and a short walk from most hotels and attractions. The train station has a tourist information center, currency exchange, and left-luggage service.

Hub of Train System

Ljubljana is the hub of Slovenia’s rail system. Local trains run throughout the country – no point in Slovenia is more than 3 hours away. Direct international connections include Zagreb (2 hours), Rijeka (3 hours), Graz (3 hours), Salzburg (4 hours), Pula (4 hours), Venice (5 hours), Vienna (6 hours), Munich (6 hours), Budapest (9 hours),Belgrade (9 hours), Frankfurt (10 hours), Zürich (11 hours). Getting to Trieste by train is complicated because international train connections to Italy are rare. Train connections to Villa Opicina have been canceled (except for one-night train), so you cannot change to the tram to Trieste there anymore. A taxi from Villa Opicina to Sezana, however, is not very expensive and Train System connections from Sezana to Ljubljana are frequent. Expect to pay about 10 euro and it is highly advisable to prebook the taxi, as none will be waiting.

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