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Invention of Postage Stamp

Lovrenc Košir, who was also known as Laurenz Koschier, was born on 29 July 1804 in Spodnja Luša, which today is in Slovenia. He was baptized with the Christian name Laurentius. He was the son of Janez Košir and Maria Kallan.

From 12 November 1829, he was employed by the Austrian state bookkeeping office firstly in Venice and later in Milan. In June 1834 he was appointed as a clerk in the postal service bookkeeping office in Vienna. This job gave him an understanding of the very complicated system of accounting for the postal service.

Post in Slovenia

Košir sent a letter in 1858 to the Saxony Government in which he claimed the invention of the postage stamp. After reviewing his claim the postal authorities of Leipzig agreed with him.

In 1874 he sent a letter to the Universal Postal Union, for the-the first meeting on 20 September 1874, in Berne, to the Congress of the Universal Postal Union. No reply was ever sent to Košir.

Now, postal services are services of transfer of consignments by letter post, consignments by parcel post, postal and telegraph money orders and telegraph communications within the framework of internal and international services and other services defined in the nomenclature of postal services. This area is defined by the Postal Service Act. The implementation of services in the area of transfer of letters not exceeding the weight of 1000 g, postcards and telegraph communications within the framework of internal and international services is ensured by the Slovenian Postal Service.

In 2010, in the structure of postal items – namely letters and packages – the share of the latter was modest (0.8% in the observed quarter). This share was below the average in national traffic and above the average in international traffic, especially among the items that arrived from abroad (1.2%).

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Museum of Post and Telecommunications

The museum includes displays of national postal history and the history of telecommunications. The museum also houses a collection of stamps. The majority of exhibited technical exponents are still functioning. Visitors with minor technical knowledge can also become acquainted with the operational basics of various electrical, optical and acoustic appliances for transmission of information.

The renewed museum collections include the following sections: The History of Post (all the numerous forms of transfer and transmission of news, information, money and goods, from ancient times right up to the present day), The History of Telecommunications ( demonstrations of telegraphy, telephony and broadcasting, the evolution of telecommunication media traced through a series of special models, which illustrate the working principles, detailed information and graphical illustrations), the section about the Women in Telephony and Telegraphy (how developments in telegraphy and telephony contributed to the creation of new jobs during the 20th century which was mainly occupied by women), The Živa’s Corner where the youngest museum visitors are introduced to the development of transport and the history of message transmission from ancient times to the present day, in funny and appealing ways.

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