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The Sava Bohinjka is a headwater of the Sava River in northwestern Slovenia. It is a beautiful alpine river which pours out of the Lake Bohinj, it flows through grand scenery before joining the Sava Dolinka near the small town of Radovljica. Brown trout, Grayling, and Rainbow trout, Huchen and the Danubian salmon (Hucho Hucho) all thrive in the river.

The level of the Sava Bohinjka is regulated by Lake Bohinj and is usually very constant. The fish can be both selective and cautious providing a challenge to the true fly fisherman, many of whom fish solely on this river because of this, and because of the breathtaking scenery. In the upper parts of the river brown trout abound to Soteska bridge. Fishing is allowed by using one fly rod and one fly only, barbless hooks should be used only. Wading is the most common technique along streams and rivers. Hip boots are handy on small streams or in high season when the waters are low, but chest waders are needed on the large rivers. Felt-soled wading shoes or boots are recommended.

Price- fishing permits


Part from the Bohinj Lake to Bridge in Bohinjska Bistrica

1 day 60 42
3 days 166 166
5 days 270 189

Slovenia has ‘The Sava Club’ which is a non-profit organization established as a gathering place for Slovenians in the area which including Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and Breslau. The Sava Club is focused on promoting Slovenian culture, language, and traditions. Over the years, the Sava Club has been involved in a variety of activities ranging from Oktoberfest celebrations under the name of Oberkrainer Haus, Banquets with live bands, Picnics, Beer Garden, and Bocci Ball competitions to name a few.

The Sava Club is conveniently located just minutes from Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, Cambridge, and Guelph.

Also, Sava Hotels&Resorts is Slovenia’s largest chain of hotels and resorts, offering a wide range of activities and experiences in numerous destinations and resorts. Our tourist offer includes wellness, golf, MICE, spas, health resorts, cuisine, family fun, active summers and winters, weddings and other events and camping. You can find us at six destinations: Bled, Lendava, Banovci, Moravske Toplice, Radenci, and Ptuj. In total, we offer 22 accommodation facilities – hotels, spas, health resorts, camps and golf courses.


Sava TMC, d.o.o.

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