Slovenia Newspapers

There are several newspapers which are being published in Slovenia. These newspapers can be categorized on the basis of the frequency of which they are published like for instance: Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, and Monthly.

Slovenian Newspapers

Starting with Daily Newspapers, the Following Newspapers are Published:

Delo Slovenia –

Delo which means labor in English. Delo is one of the major Slovenia daily newspapers in Slovenia. The newspaper was established in 1959 from the merger of newspapers Ljudska Pravica or The People’s Prerogative and Slovenski Porocevalec or The Slovenian Reporter.

Currently, it has the Following Weekly Supplements:

  • FT Delon economy and markets
  • Oncor “She” women’s supplement on Tuesdays
  • Delo in donor “Labour and Home” about housekeeping on Wednesdays
  • Polet or “Flight” or “Enthusiasm or Drive” about recreation and free time on Thursdays
  • Vikendor “Weekend”, a TV guide with additional entertainment news on Fridays
  • Sobotna Prilogaor “The Saturday Supplement”, commentary on slovenia current events by notable columnists on Saturdays

Apart from this, Delo also publishes a special Sunday edition, Nedelo or “Idleness” in a smaller and bound that is stapled format. Delo has published The New York Times International Weekly on Fridays since 2009. This 8-page supplement features a selection of English-language articles from The New York Times.

  1. Dnevnik or The Daily is a daily newspaper published in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was first issued in June 1951 as Ljubljanski Dnevnik but was renamed to Dnevnikin 1968.
  2. Ekipa or The Team is a daily sports newspaper published in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  3. Finance or The Finances is the only daily Slovenian business and financial newspaper. It is published by the company Casnik Finance, which is owned by the Swedish Bonnier Group and also publishes several other publications, for example, the magazines Manager and Moje finance, the healthcare newspaper Medicine dances and the web portals Finance and Mojevro. Before becoming a daily newspaper in 2002, Finance was issued twice weekly.
  4. Primorske novice or Littoral News is a regional daily newspaper published in Koper, Slovenia. It was first issued in 1947 as a biweekly named Nova Gorica, in 1963 it merged with Slovenski Jadran or “The Slovene Adriatic” and became a daily in 2004. As of 2009, it is the only regional daily newspaper in Slovenia.
  5. Vecer or Evening is a daily newspaper published in Maribor, Slovenia. It was officially established on May 9, 1945, as a publication declaring the liberation of Maribor called Maribor svoboda or Free Maribor. Regular circulation started on May 25, 1945, under the name Vestnik. But it wasn’t before 1949 that it became a daily newspaper. In 1952, the newspaper was renamed Vecer. Today it is the third largest daily newspaper in Slovenia excluding the tabloids with a circulation of about 130.000 copies daily.

There are Several Weekly Supplements and Separate Editions Published by Vecer:

  • Kvadratior Squares a supplement about home decoration and maintenance;
  • Bonbon Bon bona lifestyle supplement;
  • Zmigaj Seor Let’s Move about spare time activities;
  • TV Veceris a weekly TV guide;
  • V sobotoor On Saturday comments on politics, economy, and culture by notable columnists;
  • 7 Dnior 7 Days a family supplement;
  • Nas Domor Our Home about design, trends and ambient;
  • Vroci Kajor Hot What is a separate erotic magazine.
  • Zurnal24is a free, widely circulated daily newspaper published in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is the youngest daily newspaper in Slovenia, being launched by Styria Medien AG, an Austrian media group, in 2007.

Zurnal24is a free, widely circulated daily newspaper published in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is the youngest daily newspaper in Slovenia, being launched by Styria Medien AG, an Austrian media group, in 2007.

The following Weekly Newspapers are Published in Slovenia:


Mladina is a Slovenian weekly left-wing current affairs magazine. It was first published in the 1920s as the youth magazine of the Slovenian Communist Party. Since then, Mladina has become a voice of protest against those in power, now printed weekly throughout the country, making it one of the most influential political magazines in the country. After the prohibition of the Communist Party in 1921, the journal kept circulating in a semi-illegal position. During this period, it was the herald not only of Communists but of the radical leftist and anti-capitalist youth in general. Famous figures such as the poet Srecko Kosovel, writer Ludvik Mrzel or historian France Klopcic published in the magazine. In the 1930s, during the dictatorship of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia, the journal ceased to exist due to the repressive pressure of the authorities. It was re-established during World War II, in January 1943, as the journal of the underground anti-Fascist resistance movement. After 1945, it was again transformed in the official herald of the Youth Section of the Communist Party of Slovenia.

Apart from this, there are few other weekly publications also like 7dni; Demokracija, right-wing political weekly; Dolenjski list, regional or Lower Carniola; Druzina Roman Catholic; Hopla; Jana, women’s; Kmecki glass, agricultural; Lady, tabloid; Lea, Lisa, tabloid; Mag, news, politics, investigative journalism; Mladina, news, politics, investigative journalism, culture; Nedeljski Dnevnik; Nedelo, Sunday edition of Delo; Nova, tabloid; Obrazi, Reporter, news, politics, investigative journalism; Stop, Story, tabloid; Svet in Ljudje, travel magazine; Vestnik Murska Sobota, regional or Pomurje to name a few.

Amongst the Biweekly publications are the following: Anja, Avto magazine, Bravo as well as the Racunalniske novice.

Monthly Publications

Again, in case of monthly publications, there are numerous newspapers which are being published like: Ampak, liberal conservative cultural and intellectual journal, published by Nova revija, est. 1999; Avto Fokus, cars; Avto sport, cars; Ciciban, children’s; Cicido, children’s; Cool, teenager’s; Cosmopolitan, women’s; Dober Tek, cuisine; Elle, women’s; Eva, women’s; FHM, men’s; Gaia; Gea; Joker, computers and IT; Joy; Kmetovalec, agricultural; L&Z, beauty and health; Le Monde Diplomatique, Slovene edition of the French publication; Lepa in Zdrava, beauty and health; Literatura, Literature; Lovec, hunting; Mama, parenting: Manager, business: Maxim, men’s; Men’s Health, men’s; Modna, fashion; Moj Lepi Vrt, gardening; Moj Malcek, parenting; Moj malo Svet; Moj Mikro; Moje finance, personal finances; Moje Stanovanje, home; Monitor, computers; Motorevija, motorist magazine; Motorist, motorcycle, Nasa Zena, women’s and family; national geographic, Slovene edition of the American publication; National Geographic Junior; Nova revija, cultural and literary journal; Obramba, defense; Obrtnik, craft; Ognjisce, religious; Otrok in druzina, parenting: PC format or magazine, computers and IT; PIL; Playboy, Slovene edition of the American publication; Plus; Podjetnik, entrepreneurial; Pri nas doma; Radar; Readers Digest, Slovene edition of the American publication; Revija o konjih, horses; Ribic, fishing; Roze in vrt, gardening; Sistem; Smrklja, teenager’s; Sodobnost, cultural and literary review, established in 1933; Svet in ljudje, travel; Swpower, computers and IT; Val Navtika, yachting; Viva; Vzajemnost; Zdravje, health and lastly, Zivljenje in tehnika, science.

Apart from these, there are also few magazines and journals which are being published like: Problemi, journal published by the Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis, Ljubljana; Revija 2000, Christian left journal; Studjozo, magazine of students from Nova Gorica, published twice a year; Tretji dan, intellectual journal of the Roman catholic youth. Worth mentioning are some of the publications in foreign languages namely; Nepujsag, Hungarian minority weekly and The Slovenia Times, English language monthly respectively.