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University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana is an institution with a very rich tradition. With its more than 57.000 undergraduate and post-graduate students, it ranks among the biggest universities in the world scale. A total of 23 faculties and 3 academies of art approx. 4.000 teaching and research staff, assisted by approx. 2.000 technical and administrative staff.

University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana was established in 1919 on the foundations of a long- established a pedagogical tradition. For almost half a century it remained the only Slovenian university until it was joined in 1975 by the University of Maribor, in 2003 by the University of Primorska on the coast of Slovenia and in 2006 by the University of Nova Gorica. The university was founded in 1919 on the basis of centuries of educational tradition, remaining the only Slovenian university for half a century. The University is based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, a relatively large Central- European city with over 300.000 inhabitants. More than 63,000 graduate and postgraduate students of 22 faculties, 3 academies and 1 university college account for more than one-seventh of the population, giving the city a youthful and lively character.

The university was founded in the center of Ljubljana where the central university building and the majority of its faculties are located. Later on, some new, modern buildings were constructed in the suburbs of the city.

The University of Ljubljana is famous for the quality of its study courses both in the humanities and in scientific and technological fields, as well as in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.
The university has its seat in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Ljubljana is a relatively large central European city with approx. 300.000 inhabitants. Nearly one-tenth of its inhabitants are students, which gives Ljubljana a young and lively character.

University of Ljubljana – Congress Square, Ljubljana

contact – (0)1 241 85 00

University of Ljubljana Academies

  • Academy of Fine Arts and Design
  • Academy of Music
  • Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television (AGRFT)
  • Faculties
  • Faculty of Administration
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Biotechnology
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
  • Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
  • Faculty of Computer and Information Science
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Work
  • Faculty of Sport
  • Faculty of Theology
  • Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Libraries
  • University of Ljubljana Libraries
  • Museums and archives
  • University of Ljubljana Historical Archives and Museum

General Information of University of Ljubljana

The University’s International Co-operation Office gives general information concerning recognition of diplomas, courses, symposia, summer schools, seminars, international conferences, the admission procedures for enrolment in the first year of studies at University, news, links and information on documents on higher education. Student and professor exchanges are easier where there are agreements. The University of Ljubljana has signed agreements with the universities in Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Macedonia, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, the USA, Spain, Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On a domestic and international level, the study courses run at the University of Ljubljana and its projects follow the latest world discoveries and trends in the field of art, science, and technology, to which the contribution of numerous Slovenian professors and researchers is of great importance.