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Tourist Attractions in Slovenia

Situated in the eastern Alps at the northeastern end of the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia is a land of amazing terrain, featuring the peaks of the Julian Alps to the beaches of the Mediterranean (Tourist Attractions). Slovenian attractions essentially involve its cultural heritage reflected in the historical towns and cities.

Tourist Attractions in Slovenia

Postojna caves

Postojna caves
Postojna caves

Covering about 5 kilometers of regulated passage, you reach the cave for an exciting head trip through the shining stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and colors. The most exciting part of it is a journey on a special electric train. Moreover, at the cave, you have an excellent opportunity to view the famous human fish, Proteus Anguinus.




Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the major top attractions of Slovenia, renowned as heaven for Tourist Attractions, Bled encloses a neo-gothic Parish Church with its elegant Bled Castle and interesting frescoes. Blessed with natural richness including thermal springs and a myriad of recreational possibilities from casino to golf courses, you could hardly resist the temptation.



City Museum of Ljubljana

Ljubljana is an exhibition of changes in time and the City Museum of Ljubljana is their point of connection. It is housed in one of the most beautiful Renaissance palaces in Ljubljana.

Address: Gosposka 15 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: ++386 1 241 25 00
Fax: ++386 1 241 25 40

Sunny Alps

With attractive surroundings the easily accessible Julian Alps is connected to the developed towns – Bohinj, Bled and Bovec. The area hosts the 85-hectares Triglav National Park one of the largest natural parks in Europe. Bohinj offers you a starting point for different mountain hikes. However, if your choice is water sports, head for Lake Bohinj and Bohinjska Bistrica to enjoy rafting, hydrospeeding, kayaking, canoeing and other adrenaline sports.





Museum of Slovenian Religious History

The Museum of Slovenian Religious History operates in the premises of the old prelature at the Stična Cistercian Monastery. The idea for the establishment of the museum is quite old, but it was put into practice only after the year 1980 when the grammar school and secondary school moved out of some parts of the monastery. In its first decade, the museum operated on a voluntary basis. The exhibition areas were arranged with the support of the monastery and under the supervision of the national cultural protection board and with the help of numerous donators from Slovenia and abroad.

Phone: ++386 1 787 78 63
Fax: ++386 1 787 75 70

The Green Pohorje Belt

On the eastern end of the Alps, you could locate the green oasis in the Maribor and Pohorje region. Maribor Pohorje is covered by coniferous forests extending to 1000 square kilometers. Primarily a winter Tourist Attractions spot, Pohorje allows you skiing at Rogla, Kope, and Areh centers.


There are over 300 enchanting waterfalls in Slovenia. Many of them are listed as sites of natural interest. They are most numerous in the Soča River area and in Triglav National Park. The highest waterfall, Čedca, above Jezersko, is 130 meters high, while the most frequently visited is the Savica fall by Lake Bohinj. The waterfall of Boka near Bovec is regarded as the most powerful, while the valley of Logarska Dolina boasts the fine Rinka fall. The waterfalls can generally be visited throughout the year, although in winter some freeze.

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