What is an Asian massage?

If you are planning to have the most relaxing time of your life and somehow you have still not discovered anything about the Asian massage then you might miss one of the most amazing experiences. Body massage has been one of the most relaxing routines for thousands of years. Among all the different body massage the Asian Body Massage has been known as one of the best ways to relax and get your body to optimal functioning.

The Asian Massage

An Asian massage is exactly what the name suggests, it is a massage based on Asian culture of treatment. The existence of Asian massages can be traced back to the early 1500 BCE in India. An Asian massage will include specific herbs and a precise touch of pressure points. This is done through various intriguing methods to release an adequate amount of necessary hormones in the body.

The Asian massage is widely used for muscle relaxation by the western culture to either tighten the muscle for strength or loosen it for a free movement whereas the Asian culture believes the massage to be a method to control and balance the flow of energy throughout the body.

The Principles of Asian Massage

The Asian massage work on the basic principle of balancing the energy evenly inside the body. The culture calls it “Chi” which means the flow of energy. The feeling of stiffness or sore pain in any of the body parts is termed as the blockage of the energy flow in that body part. Whereas an increased flow of energy in any body part is channeled to another section of the body where there is any discomfort. Asian massage helps the flow of “Chi” to be normal and evenly distributed throughout the body so that any particular body part is absolute without comfort.

The Asian massage specializes in immediate relaxation of the body which surely lasts for a long time, through a proper procedure of hand movements and finger pressures. Any general Asian massage is thus intended for the Chi to flow evenly throughout the body and this is done by applying various techniques that make the body rejuvenated through energy interactions. But Asian massages have a versatile way of doing so and this article explains some of the mind-blowing and extraordinary Asian massages.

Different Asian Massages

Asian massages have a vast variety which immediately varies since a very minute change in the touch or the way of touch makes it different from other types of massages and their effect.

Acupressure – Of all the Asian massage techniques the most famous one is the acupressure, which uses the technique of applying pressure to certain body parts that hold the pressure points. These sections in the body parts are considered to hold the ability to put an effect on the complete body part. There are roughly 300 pressure points in a human body and acupressure works with all of them. This Asian massage can immediately release the stress in a certain body part once the targeted pressure point is pressed.

In this Asian massage, the fingers or thumbs are used as tools to apply pressure similar to the method used in acupuncture. This massage requires a deep knowledge of human internals and a thorough study of this technique, but once properly learned you can do it as well because you do not need someone else to kneed those pressure points if you know where to apply the pressure.

Acupressure massage helps in relaxing the whole body
Acupressure massage helps in relaxing the whole body

Thai Massage – This Asian massage gained worldwide fame through the tourists who visited these places for relaxation time and then reviewed it as one of the most amazing experiences. This Asian massage technique uses a vivid range of methods to relax the body and most of these do not need oil so you have a complete body massage with all your clothes. The Thai massage uses Ayurveda, Yoga, pressure points with the traditional practices from India.

Thai massage starts with the therapist following the lines on the body which are indicated by the touch of the finger. These body lines covered in the Thai massage are then pressed and adjusted by the therapist to loosen the muscles and relax it. Thai massage includes many old techniques so you will find yourself in various yoga poses but the massage itself relaxes the body to an extent where all your joints and stiff muscles make a crackling sound and the effect from this Asian massage lasts for almost 3 – 4 hours.

Thai massage
Thai massage

The Shiatsu – This is an Asian massage that precisely works on 26 pressure points out of 300 pressure points in the human body. The Shiatsu includes kneading, acupressure, soothing and gently massaging over the back and the body area which needs treatment.

There are many more methods that bring out the exact nature of Asian massage. The Anma which developed in China, Ayurveda massage from India, Chi Nei Tsang from China, Jin Shin Jyutsu from Japan, Shiatsu from Japan and many more Asian massage techniques have made us understand the real importance of having a relaxed body internally and externally. These Asian massages have created a worldwide liking due to their unique practices and therapy procedures.

Shiatsu massage
Shiatsu massage


Many of these Asian massages come from centuries ago and hold a significant value to these cultures. They are used for medical treatments and healing as well. Apart from the relaxing benefits which these Asian massages give, the major inclination of interest towards them comes from the medicinal implication these massages provide. A large and vivid range of mental and physical healing can be achieved through proper massage therapy.

Asian massages have developed drastically in these times of hectic and fast lifestyle. These Asian massages which were once practiced in the small villages of Asian countries have now become a major uphold in the health care and self-wellness whichever technique they follow.

If you haven’t tried any of the Asian massages, you must jot it down on your priority list as you might be missing on one of the most satisfying and relaxing aspects of Asia.