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Best places to have brunch in Palo Alto

Introduction to Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a city in California that offers fabulous sights, beautiful landscapes, breathtaking beaches, endless shopping destination, and the best part is the food of the place and the abundant food joints. Also, being the center of education in Australia, this place has a large number of youngsters who love to enjoy hopping on to yummy brunch snacks during their weekend holidays. That is the primary reason behind the site having a lot of food joints where you can sit and have a lavish time with your gang.

Palo Alto is a city in California
Palo Alto is a city in California

Places to grab a bite in Palo Alto

When weekends are here, the first thing that comes in your mind is to enjoy brunch with your loved ones. Our life becomes a lot hectic by the boring hectic monotonous routine, and thus a brunch with our friends acts as a stress buster.
Let’s take a quick look at the best places to have brunch in Palo Alto and rejuvenate our senses with a cherishable time. Give your food fetish satisfaction by hopping on to some of the best snacks and dishes that you can enjoy only in Palo Alto.


A well known French restaurant which is known for its French vegetarian cuisine is a must visit a place with your friends. Order yummy grapefruit juice along with smooth pie or a French toast to relish on, this place is also for the best pancakes and butter cream sauce.

Pasties have the best pancakes and butter cream sauce.

The Annex

If you love French cuisine, then this joint is going to be your best companion. With a fusion on their menu, the Annex offers a wide variety of vegetarian as well as nonvegetarian eatables. The best dish on their menu is the smoothies that are prepared with fresh fruits and yummy cream. The open-air food joint will give you the best time with your friends that too at an affordable price.

The Annex in Palo Alto

Huevos Rancheros

If you are a true fan of Greek food, then this place is a must visit with your near and dear ones. It also offers a lot of unique cuisines during the weekend and also offers happy hours on their entire menu. Their baklava cake is the top seller that is topped with cocoa, peanuts and maple syrup. Even if you are a shakes lover then you must try their apple punch smoothie for a relishing flavor and get a punch of mint to refreshen yourself.

Huevos Rancheros is one of the best places for brunch in Palo Alto

Joanie’s café

The café is the best place to hog on to some American cuisine when you are in Paolo Alto. Visit this calm and composed café, and you can enjoy some soothing music along with your brunch. Do not miss to enjoy their pancakes to get full value for money.

Joanie’s café in Palo Alto

Palo Alto Creamery

One of the best-known places for a quick brunch during weekends is a small bakery that offers a large variety of cakes, pastries, and drinks that you can enjoy without spending much from your pocket. There are also the best donuts and cupcakes that will surely make you go crazy about their looks and amazing garnishing. Also, try their mocktails that are prepared by keeping a balance of fusion in every sip you take.

Palo Alto Creamery in Palo Alto

Uncle John’s café

The best and foremost place where youngsters from the city love to sit and chill over their gossips and also the place is famous with the travelers because of its delicious coffee and pancakes. The place also offers burgers and fries along with which you can grab a coke and enjoy a quick brunch at a nominal price.

Burrito junction

It is a small cafe opened by a group of Indians where they serve Australian snacks with a hint of Indian masalas and make it mouth devouring for the locals. The place is known for its delicacies and the variety they offer in their menu for people of all ages. You can sit and enjoy a quick brunch or can simply sip on to your tea and enjoy your evening with friends.

Café down under

Enjoy your favorite snacks and slurp a can of beer with your gang and make out the best evenings at this place. You can also order freshly made pancakes or can order for chicken steaks and meatballs. Café’ down under offers more than 75 dishes in their menu that are made by keeping all ages in mind and in full hygienic conditions.

Hog them up

This pace is going to be your best companion if you are a foodie and love to try different cuisines. Sit under the huge umbrellas placed in this open-air restaurant and grab your favorite dishes and enjoy gossips and chit chat with your friends. The place also offers special discounts on their happy meals during the happy hours and also provides exciting discounts during weekdays.

Café la’ burrito

The weekend is here and the best thing that you want to do is to enjoy a delicious brunch with your friends. Visit the café and hog on to some lip-smacking burritos and also do not forget to order their much-loved smoothies and mocktails. The café is not so big but offers 100% satisfaction and the food is made by keeping hygiene and health in mind. Their tag line also says health comes first.

Café la’ burrito is a great place for brunch in Palo Alto

In The End

Palo Alto is one of the best places that will offer you a finger licking food along with the best places to visit and enjoy nature. The site also has excellent flora and fauna and is one of the loved places for its calm and composed atmosphere. You will surely fall in love with the positive environment of the site.
So if you are planning to take a break from your hectic schedule and enjoy at a distant place then get your tickets booked for Palo Alto where you will also be able to satisfy your food fantasies as the place has a large number of food joints to offer finger licking delicacies without spending much from your pocket.

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