Disneyland in Florida vs Disneyland in California

If you are planning to visit Disney land with your kids during their summer vacations but cannot decide which one to visit then this article will help you select the better version of your trip

Which park is bigger?

Without a query, Disney World wins this battle: Disney World, Florida is the largest theme park on the planet with four main attractions, two water parks, two miniature golf courses, and many other hotel assets.

While the Disney world in Florida has the size benefit, Disneyland in California has many more tours per square foot. Rides such as star tours and star wars land galaxy’s edge are all discovered within the primary part of Disneyland in California. These tours are also discovered in Hollywood studios, Florida but are not available in the magic kingdom.

Nevertheless, if you count along the parking area the Manhattan-sized Disney world of Florida wins the contest for the larger park.

Disneyland, California
Disneyland, California

Theme parks of Disneyland in California vs. theme parks in Disneyland of Florida

Both countries have to visit almost the same number of theme based parks, with some variations. Disney land consists of four theme-based parks in Florida, while there are two in California. With all the displays and tours, SeaWorld Florida has its first park, a water park and a special place known as the Discovery Cove. SeaWorld in San Diego is comparable to Florida, and in neighboring Chula Vista there is also a water based theme park called “Aquatica.”

The Legolands are similar in both countries. California has two prominent zoos, one in San Diego and one in Los Angeles, plus Oceanside’s designed San Diego Zoo Safari, comparable to some of Disney’s the Animal Kingdom Florida’s experiences. With Knott’s Berry Farm, California has the nation’s largest amusement parks. Florida has exciting tours in neighboring Tampa Bay’s Busch Gardens.

The accommodation facility is available in Disneyland in Florida vs. Disneyland in California

Walt Disney World: Both resorts have on-site accommodation that makes staying close to the action easy for visitors. Walt Disney World has nearly two dozen restaurants to cater to almost any budget. This resort’s flagship estate is the Grand Floridian Resort of Disney.

Disneyland: The estate has three restaurants: Disney’s Paradise Pier, Disneyland Hotel, and Disney’s hotel also named as Grand Californian Hotel, the flagship estate of the resort.

Disneyland, Florida
Disneyland, Florida

Tickets and reservation system

Disney World theme park: On-site guests receive a wristband called a MagicBand that contains hotel reservations, park passes, FastPass+ entitlements, and reservations for meals; it even functions as the hotel key.

Disneyland: California has no MagicBand scheme yet. Access to the special card known as a magic card is provided to the guests who are staying at the resort to be used for accessing the hotel room, charging merchandise and meals and also for entering the parks.

Which park requires less time to visit?

Disney theme World is enormous and it can take an hour to get from one park to another, depending on waiting for the next transport availability. It is not feasible to do all four theme parks in a day or even in a couple of days. Experiencing Florida’s parks to the fullest really requires at least a full week, especially if it contains the water theme based parks. Disneyland can be conducted in a maximum of three days, and both theme parks are situated within walking distance. California’s Disneyland is the winner of convenience and time efficiency.

Rides available in Disneyland in Florida vs. Disneyland in California

On both shores you will discover about 20 sights, including the well-known Space, themed Mountain; It’s a very Small World, and Caribbean Pirates. On both coasts, however, there are some differences, and every single resort has several private trips to that place.

Disney theme World park: Spaceship Earth, Test Track and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Mission: SPACE, are some of the one-of-a-kind tours here.

Disneyland: Only the Matterhorn Bobsleds, the Fun Wheel of Mickey, the voyage of the clownfish: Finding Nemo and the racers of the Radiator Springs can be found here.

Activities available outside the premises

A one-stop shop where you can enjoy shopping along with dining and entertainment facility is a component of both destinations; it is Disney Springs at Disney theme World and Disneyland’s Downtown-based District, as we stated previously. However, other operations on both parts of the nation outside the parks vary significantly.

The Walt Disney theme park has two water parks and mini-golf courses, cycling, walking, and more are available for guests.

Disneyland: the Southern California estate has fewer things to do outside the park gates, but that doesn’t prevent anyone living at the property. After all, the hotel pool is always lounging.”

Other factors comparing Disneyland in California vs Disneyland in Florida

There is more restricted movement in the California variant than the Floridian journey. The queue isn’t almost as threaded as Orlando’s one. The pictures of the journey are comparable to those of Disney World. Since the tour is situated close Splash Mountain at the back of the park and there is no quick transfer accessible, the waiting period for the standby queue is usually very brief. Length of the ride: 4 minutes. The extremely interactive queue and a mildly improved ride platform offer the advantage over Disneyland to the Florida ride variant. To drive, use a Fast Pass. Length of the ride: 4 minutes.

Disneyland is situated in the center of Anaheim on a tiny 500 acres. The park is encircled by “excellent neighbor” restaurants not owned by Disney, but operating with the business. The tiny size implies that both the park and the park in Florida are not buffered from the outside world. Disney World loves such a huge quantity of estate that it is quite simple to do the capacity to isolate the parks from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Magic Kingdom truly occurs on an island, and from anywhere close the theme park the parking lot is not noticeable.”