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Theme Park vs Amusement Park

In times of stress and workload, everyone craves a little enjoyment to refill and recharge themselves. The fast lifestyle gives us very little space to have such entertaining time and this has led to a huge growth of the entertainment industry. Among many other prodigies of the entertainment industry, Parks is one of the most loved ones.

Amusement Parks

An amusement park is a place designed for various interactions like games, events, rides and any occasional events for entertainment. An amusement park consists of vivid attractions that might bring in huge crowds. Unlike earlier fairs and carnival festivals, an amusement park does not shift from place to place but remains stationary and consists of heavy infrastructure. Amusement parks evolved from early European fairs which had large picnic areas and lush gardens.

The demand for entertainment from all over the world led to the development of amusement parks.  Amusement parks include huge rides which are the main source of attraction. These rides are amusing and give the experience of a great adventure. Some of the major attractions in the rides section are flat rides, water rides, dark rides, roller coaster, ferry wheels, railways, and transport rides. An amusement park is constructed and differentiated by its components. Trolley parks, pleasure resorts, modern amusement parks are some of the basic considerations for differentiating amusement parks throughout the world.

Amusement parks are enjoyed by people of all age groups

Theme Parks

A theme park is an amusement park based on a particular theme. Theme parks are based on any themes that remind someone or someplace or any particular event. The construction on theme parks are similar to those of amusement parks, they are stable and constructed in one place specially designed and considered for construction. Theme parks may be designed on many vivid themes, some of them include Halloween, festivals, party, romance or in the memory of someone who holds a special value to the place of construction.

A theme park is differentiated on the pure basis of their themes. Educational theme parks, Family-owned theme parks, World war II theme park, regional theme park and many more. Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood are some of the greatest and most famous theme parks. Six Flags and Cedar Fair Park are some of the theme parks which are medium-sized. There are countless numbers of theme parks which provide some of the other interesting things to look at.

Theme parks are a good place for kids


An amusement park and a theme park have a noticeable difference when we look at the construction of the park. An amusement park is a classic construction based to provide entertainment whereas a theme park is constructed based on a proper earlier plan and design of the theme which that theme park is associated with. An amusement park will have all the basic entertainment section with modern touch whereas a theme park will have all the entertainment section but designed according to the theme.

The Expectation

An amusement park will always have huge and mind-blowing rides but if the theme park is designed on some theme which is closely related to incident you might not find rides to give the thrill which you were expecting. The best example is the World War II theme park which is one of the most amazing things to visit but of course, if you are expecting a roller coaster ride which will make your heart skip a beat, you would not be the happiest person around.


Another major difference between a theme park and an amusement park is that an amusement park can be visited for any occasion or interest but a theme park becomes the most exciting experience when you have a particular interest in the associated theme. Amusement parks hold festivals and parties and so does the theme park, but a party at a theme park with a Halloween theme will only feel great when it is Halloween.

Section Division

Amusement parks are much smaller than theme parks as there are many sections in a theme park which is a necessity as theme parks tell a story. An amusement park, on the other hand, does not have section division and they are unified into one large section. A theme park tells you a story whereas an amusement park does not portray a story. This gives theme parks an upper hand when it comes to the naming of rides and sections.

In a theme park, you will easily find the famous names on the rides whereas in amusement parks it remains very unclear to name what you are experiencing. Also, in a theme park, you will find every section with a different feel and look. An amusement park lacks the ability to showcase different sections. You will just find different rides posted at different sections like roller coaster section, water ride section, swing ride section, no gravity section and many more.


Theme parks are designed according to the landscape for the attraction. An amusement park does not hold any such necessity. Theme parks include characters, statues and many other constructions which signifies the theme. The coloring and the architecture hold the major difference between a theme park and an amusement park.


Now, when it comes to choices about what I would be visiting these holidays, it remains a very difficult choice between a theme park and an amusement park. If you are a person who would like to see something designed on a particular note and still have all the crazy entertainment and fun, you are a theme park type person. On the other hand, if you are a person who would want to have a lot of fun and enjoyment and you do not need any particular design for the fun to calm your soul, you would enjoy the most in an amusement park.

Whether it is an amusement park or a theme park, they both satisfy the basic requirement of relaxing us and providing us great time and entertainment. So, why settle for only one when you can experience both!

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