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Things to do in Helena, Montana

Helena is the capital city of Montana. This pleasant contemporary city has managed to cling to its historical root. Providing visitors with the both modern and historical retreat of the city. There are several things that you can do when you in the capital or planning to visit it.

Visit the St. Cathedral of Helena

It is one of the most visited places in the town. The architecture of this cathedral is ready to make you dumbstruck. Its construction is based on the cathedrals of the Gothic style. The view of this cathedral along with the mountains and snow is breathtaking.

St. Cathedral of Helena

Do some Skiing on the Great Divide Ski Area

This is the best place for all snow sports lovers. you will love to enjoy all the snow sports as the snow zone has almost 90 fun features. The prices are also less low than the other snow sports competitors. This ski area is extended up to three mountain peaks and three scenic valleys.

Great Divide Ski Area, Montana

Take your kids to the Montana wild complex

This was built by keeping the kids in mind. Here kids will get to know about the wildlife of Helena, Montana. They can even participate in hands-on activities that are being held here especially for kids. Kids will easily enjoy for two to three hours if they visit this wild complex. They get to learn about the feeding habits, hunting technique and special features of the animals.

Montana wild complex

Dig some blue jewel from the blue jewel mine

This is one of the favorite spots for outdoor activities among tourists. Here you can go dig the wet gravel to find the transparent stones i.e., sapphires. Especially kids love to dig through the wet and dirty sand to find the shining blue stones. This place is very friendly and has an informative owner, who gives you all the information related to this place and the blue jewel. It is surely going to be one of the memorable activities from your tour. But do not forget to take sunscreens, lunch, drinks, sun hats and other necessary items with you.

Blue jewel mining at Helena Montana

Go for a tour to Helena National Forest

Here you get to see a lot of greenery, a variety of trees and even wildlife such as porcupine, rocky mountain goat, chipmunks, eagles, bighorn sheep, etc. This forest is spread in acres of terrain. You can easily haul through the forest by either hiking or by riding on the horseback. Helena is what it is because of this forest, owing to the fact that it has a rich history in mining. Snowmobiling, ice skating, and skiing are the most popular sports during winter.

Helena National Forest

Bird watching at the Spring Meadow Lake State Park

This is the best spot for a picnic. It is a very favored destination among tourists as well locals during spring for sunbathing, swimming and scuba diving. The location is also well-liked by numerous bird species. So you can easily watch a variety of birds. This park has something or other things for all the seasons. During winter when the lake freezes you can go ice-skating. Other sports such as kayaking, canoeing, hiking, skiing, fishing are also conducted here. Thus, you can easily spend the whole day here without getting bored for even a second.

Spring Meadow Lake State Park

Visit the Montana Historical Society

Here you will get learn a lot about Montana’s history. It is a very interesting and educational place for people of all age groups. It has huge archives collection of books, newspapers, maps, posters, musical scores, magazine articles, a collection of art and artifacts, etc. The motto of this museum is “Big Sky, Big Land, Big History”. It is not that big of a museum but it is very much engaging, you can easily spend the whole day exploring the museum without getting bored. Here they also have a kids room, where the kids can touch the things and feel them.

Montana Historical Society

Take a tour to Helena Civic Centre

Earlier it was named as “The Shrine Temple”, but later the name was changed to Helena Civic Centre. Even though it was named as “Temple”, but it looks like a mosque. It holds several conferences, concerts, weddings, trade shows and special events in the town. It has a huge auditorium and exhibition hall. The architecture and design of this building are fascinating.

Helena Civic Centre

Taste some finest beers from the Blackfoot Brewing Company

They are famous for serving some of the finely brewed beers. The beers are brewed using only traditional ingredients. If you have no idea about the taste or flavor of the beer, then you can ask for the sampler tray and then decide which beer you want to have. They also offer you free popcorn with beer. As they do not have the license to serve food either you can carry your own food or eat some pizza from bridge pizza which is on the next door. You can also carry your drink and go to the upstairs patio and enjoy the downtown atmosphere. You can also purchase some beer and carry for the rest of your trip.

Blackfoot Brewing Company

Enjoy some handmade chocolates from the Parrot Confectionery

Here you will get to eat a lot of handmade chocolates, ice-creams, chilies specially made by them but they don’t even taste like chilies and other confectionery items specially designed and decorated by hand. This place is very much satisfying for your sweet tooth. The huckleberry and orange freeze are pure captivating after a warm day. Get along some candies, chocolates, and chilies for your kids and family.

Parrot Confectionery is very popular in Helena for its Confectionery items.

Enjoy a whole day at the Great Northern Carousel

It is a modern hand built carousel. People of all age groups can thoroughly enjoy this place. Fooding facilities are also provided here, you can buy your favorite food and enjoy watching your kids play. The inside of this place is decorated beautifully. You also have several rides here for the kids, which are enjoyed by most of them. Several toys and other shops are also there. No one should miss the chance of eating ice-cream from the ice-cream parlor.

Great Northern Carousel is a very famous spot in Helena

So, whenever you plan to visit or if you are already in the city or even nearby do visit these places and come back with lots of beautiful and exciting experiences.

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