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Why is Seattle known as the Emerald City of the World

Seattle the Emerald city

Seattle is a beautiful city that is covered with greenery from all sides and is also the largest city in Washington. The place is known as the Emerald City of the World because of its widespread evergreen forests and beautiful landscape. The city is also the home to many top leading companies like Microsoft and Amazon.

From the north, drive to Seattle and you’ll see lots of evergreens and other green belts. From the west drive in, you’ll see a few more. Even straight in the core of the town, there is no shortage of greenery, even complete forests — Discovery Park, Washington Park Arboretum, and other parks are bright instances of forest fields within the town boundaries. Because of the omnipresent evergreen forests in the city and also the presence of many other trees, shrubs, ferns, and vegetation on just about every ground and wildflowers that are available here in abundant in the Northwest and flourish in all seasons, Seattle is green almost all year round.

The town is located on an isthmus between Puget Sound and Washington Lake, approximately 100 miles north of the frontier between Canada and the United States. Seattle is the fourth largest port in North America in terms of cargo processing as of 2015, a significant portal for trade with Asia.

Seattle the Emerald city

The weather of Seattle which makes it a green city

Seattle has a reputation for year-round rainy, dreary climate, but while rain is fairly prevalent in Seattle, it’s not as terrible as people talk about it.

Autumns and winter are typically wet in Seattle, but a number of sunlight and dry days are seen in spring and autumn seasons. In reality, as soon as February arrives you might even capture cherry blossoms blooming throughout the city parks.

The city is all green throughout the year and this is also one of the major attractions for the tourists. People love to go on road trips to enjoy the greenery. Not only is the greenery but there a lot of other places that are a must visit.

Seattle is green and refreshing round the year due to the omnipresent evergreens, but also due to many other shrubs, ferns, trees, and moss on every surface and wildflowers that are productive in the Northwest and flourish in all seasons. summer is usually the time when visitors can see the some of lawns dried up. There is always little or more moisture in the atmosphere throughout the year.

Weather of Seattle is amazing

why is Seattle named as the emerald city

Every city has a nickname of its own. some nicknames might be random whereas some might be based out on the history of the city. Seattle is one of those exceptional cities whose nickname does not have any history or root related to it. The name emerald city is just a visual, as the city is not known for emeralds. This nickname comes from the greenery that surrounds the city of Seattle.

There are several spots in the city which have great significance for visitors. We can feel the greenery of the city everywhere. Places such as Chihuly garden, Stewart Park, Ravenna Park and many more where you can go and enjoy the greenery escaping the urban life.

Stewart Park Seattle

Was Seattle always called as the “Emerald City”?

No, Seattle was not always called the Emerald City. the nickname of the city was given by a contest held by the convention and visitors bureau in 1981. The name “Emerald City” was selected in the year 1982 from a contest entries. Several names were suggested by different members of the board but Emerald city won the contest.

Before this Seattle was known with different names such as a gateway to Alaska or the Queen city of the Pacific Northwest.

Along with the “Emerald City”, Seattle is also known by the names such as Rain city, Jet city and the coffee capital of the world. These names can be heard around in the city for business or casually here and there.

Have the city tour of Emerald city

what to expect when you are in the Emerald city

Emerald City has a lot of tourist spots where you can and enjoy. You can see a lot of greenery, parks, and several attractions spots.

Places such as the Pacific science center where you can explore interactive displays in a pleasant and enjoyable manner to learn about scientific facts, maths, and technology. Discover how your body generates energy at Body Works, discover local wildlife instances at the Pollinator Garden, and discover the atmosphere mysteries.

Haul around the city in the air-conditioned buses and enjoy some magnificent sites and beautiful landscapes also do not miss the major attractions of the city: museum of pop culture, Seattle Waterfront, Space Needle and historic Pioneer Square.

You can also explore the picturesque beauty of Seattle’s varied neighborhoods with over-sized windows, sufficient legroom, and a smart and informative tour guide. See Seattle central and the renowned Pike Place Market, renowned for its “flying fish” and the initial Starbucks, which still serves specialty beverages.

A halt at Pioneer Square brings you back to Seattle’s founding days. The pioneers settled here in 1852, and this period still characterizes the neighborhood architecture. You can also visit the museum of flights, take a Boeing tour, Olympic sculpture park, gum wall, Kerry Park and many other places of attraction.

Museum of Flights in Seattle


There are a lot of other things that you can find in Seattle and can enjoy your holidays in the city. The place offers many other places like the volcano view at 14000 ft and a wide library that offer a huge space to read. The best part of Seattle is the morning ferry that allows the commuters to sleep while traveling to work. People of Seattle love to enjoy their coffee and the World’s first Starbucks was built here and still operate with more and more visitors growing to take a sip of the fines coffee every day.

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