Why should you travel

Why should you travel?

Why should you Travel?

I think the most important thing about traveling does is it broadens your outlook. You see how similar people and their feelings are across the world. From South Korea to Spain I saw people complaining of mothers-in-law We are bound by certain things I guess.

Konigsee Germany, Travel

Another thing it does is it can make you more tolerant of other people’s beliefs and their way of life as you see them in their own surroundings. So when you go back to your own country you are more understanding of others cultures.

Why Travel is Important

Another important thing it does is it teaches you. It teaches you a lot. It teaches you what you never learned in school. To expect the unknown. Unknown places, people. It makes traveling a fascinating experience.

Travelling teaches you to be independent. To plan. To manage your plan. It helps you in professional as well as personal life.

I certainly became more organized when I started traveling on my own.

Travelling brings out the real person in you. If you are not sure if you want to marry your girlfriend/boyfriend, travel with them for a couple of weeks you will find out the answer.

It teaches you to compromise. Your food habits, organization skills, likes and dislikes, flexibility will become evident. When you go out of your known surroundings, you get to know much more the other person. Well, not just before marriage, I learned a great deal more when I traveled with my wife.

I started ‘serious’ traveling for professional reasons at the age of 23 (in 1994) when I went to Hong Kong/South Korea for a business visit for one month. I did not speak Korean and did not know anyone else who spoke Korean. Being a vegetarian compounded the problem as I struggled to get the message across in hotels.

But it amazes me how the human mind works. On my second visit to the restaurant, I again faced the problem of what to eat. I took the paper tissue kept on the table and drew a chicken on it. Then I put a BIG cross on it. Then I drew a four-legged animal and again drew a cross across it. Then it was the turn of the fish and again a big cross.

Reasons for Travel in Tourism

Then I drew an Egg next to the chicken I drew earlier and put a BIG YES tick on it (like the Nike logo). Then something with leaves again a yes there.

The waitress could not believe what was going on, but at the end of it she was amazed and gave a huge smile that she understood.

Why Should You Travel

She also called her manager to see this weird fellow’s drawings and both of them laughed and put fingers on some menu options on the menu card. I ordered one of it and found that I indeed got an egg fried rice!

However later I got better. Next day, I requested one of my colleagues who could write a bit of English to write some common things for me in Korean (including one that said ‘I’m a vegetarian – no meat or fish for me. Egg is fine’) and later on only thing I had to do was to carry that paper with me and show the message.

So, go out, meet some fascinating people, see the world. And your world will not be the same again.

The photo above: Eiffel Tower, Paris – My favorite place so far

Later it was the turn of England, again for professional reasons. I made full use of my stay in England to visit Scotland, Frace, Holland, Switzerland (all more than once), Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Spain. The first time I traveled there as a bachelor and later with the wife. Then it was me, wife and our daughter. Our first trip outside England with our 6-month-old daughter was to Holland. It did make some difference since earlier I used to stay in hostels, now we stay in better hotels or Self-catering apartments. Now I also consider aspects like children friendliness etc.

On this website, I want to inform you about not only places in England, but also want to tell you about practical itineraries that worked for me.

I also want to write about travel planning in general. One day I also wish to write in all the countries I visited and the experiences I had. If visitors like the website, then maybe in the future I can recover some costs from advertising. Unfortunately, I’m at least 10 years late to make a living on a dot com 🙂

Sometimes People do ask me what are my Favorite Places in whatever I have seen so far?  Well, it’s:

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

2. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

3. Trafalgar square / Westminister, London, England

4. Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse, Holland

5. Backwaters of Kerala, India

I wish I could visit so many more places in years to come that the list keeps on growing!

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