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Xscape Milton Keynes

xscape Milton Keynes: Some people also call is ‘escape’. Xscape buildings (named after the company that developed them) are large, strikingly designed and unusually shaped buildings. Typically they contain a real snow indoor ski slope, leisure facilities, and related shops. There are currently three members of the chain, located in Central Milton Keynes and Castleford (Wakefield), which are both in England, and in Braehead (Glasgow), Scotland.

Xscape Milton Keynes

The Milton Keynes Xscape opened in 2000, answering the city’s demand for a largely visible landmark from which the city center can be found. From behind it resembles a snow-covered hill, and can be seen from the small town of Olney, over eight miles away.

The Xscape has 14 floors, making it the second tallest building in Milton Keynes after Mellish Court in Bletchley.

Xscape Milton Keynes Shops

Inside the Xscape can be found a real-snow ski slope, a 16 screen cinema, a number of shops and a climbing wall. An interesting point is the two large funnels on the front of the building – often mistaken for lifts and part of the cooling system are actually just stairs.

Located directly behind the Xscape building is a large square-shaped structure which houses an indoor skydiving center named ‘Airkix’. This too can be seen from as far away as Broughton.

snow dome Milton Keynes

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