Italy Glossary of words:

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Italy Glossary of words

  • Grazie gr-aa-zee Thank you
  • Ciao chaa-o Hello
  • Buongiorno boon-jor-no Goodday
  • Arrivederci aa-ree-vay-der-chee Goodbye
  • Tabacchi ta-baa-chi Tobacco vendor
  • Biglietteria big-lee-tay-riya Ticket window
  • Biglietto big-lee-yetto Ticket
  • Bagagli ba-gaa-glee Luggage
  • Partenza paar-ten-za Departure
  • Arrivo aa-ree-vo Arrival
  • Informazioni in-fer-may-zee-o-nee Information
  • Semaphoro say-maa-foro Traffic Light
  • Via vee-ya Road
  • Rue roo Street
  • Gelateria jay-laa-tay-reeya Ice cream shop

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