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This page gives information on Paris FranceTravel Itineraries and England to Paris travel.


You may find that I have tried to include short itineraries (less than one week) rather than long ones. The reason for that is, you need more careful planning if you have less time on hand.

So, I have tried to give you some idea of what is possible in the number of 'minimum' days I suggest. If you are planning for many days stay, you can do much more (and spend more!).

My most favourite city in the world (whatever I have seen!) is Paris.

It is charming, fashionable, has splendid architecture, numerous places to visit, numerous things to do, you can visit again and again and again and has the Eiffel Tower. What a place!

You can stand for hours on top of Eiffel Tower and try and soak the city in. If you want to visit Paris, I would suggest to see following places. I have given apx. Minimum time required. You can cover these places properly in 4 days.

If you have 3 days only, go to Louvre early in the queue and leave early.

If you have been to Vienna to Schonbrun palace, skip Versailles.

If you have 5 days, spend one day in Disneyland Paris.

You can go to the famous Lido if you want to on one of the nights. I would strongly suggest visiting Eiffel Tower (from outside) again in the night as well. It is spectacular.

This is my Top 10 list of places to see. Depending on time available, you can make a itinerary.

1. Eiffel Tower - to day

2. Louvre Museum - day - evening free for other things

3. Notre Dame de Paris - day

4. Montmartre / Sacr Coeur - day

5. Arc de Triomphe - day

6. La Seine and Its Bridges day

7. Muse d'Orsay day

8. Versailles - 1 day

9. Invalides - day

10. Centre Georges Pompidou - day





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