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Carnaby Street London Shops

Carnaby Street London Shops: Carnaby Street is a pedestrianized shopping street in London, United Kingdom, located in the Soho district, near Oxford Street and Regent Street. It is home to numerous fashion and lifestyle retailers, including a large number of independent fashion boutiques.

Carnaby Street London Shops

Streets intersecting, or meeting with, Carnaby Street are, from south to north, Beak Street, Broadwick Street, Kingly Court, Ganton Street, Marlborough Court, Lowndes Court, Fouberts Place, Little Marlborough Street and Great Marlborough Street. The nearest London Underground station is Oxford Circus tube station (on the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines).

In the 16th century, the Carnaby area was open fields used by the Court as a hunting ground. The Huntsman used the cry “Soho” rather like Tally o and the area became known as Soho Fields. The main features were Oxford Street, running east/west and Swallow Street, running north/south roughly on the line of Regent Street. There was also a small lane to the east, which became King Street and later, Kingly Street.

Carnaby Street Market

The original houses built in the 17th century were rebuilt about the 1720s and some of these buildings will remain at 17 Newburgh Street, 10/12 Ganton Street, and 7/8 Kingly Street. The market was developed in the 1820s to provide the present Newburgh Street, Marshall Street, and 2/8 Ganton Street block.

Carnaby Street Fashion

The 13 streets of Carnaby are known for unique boutiques and global brands, making it one of London’s most popular and distinctive shopping destinations. Step under the iconic arch of the world famous Carnaby Street London for fashion and lifestyle from concept flagship stores and global brands.

Carnaby Street Restaurants

Just a step away from Carnaby Street is the creative hub of the Newburgh Quarter where you can discover independent boutiques, restaurants and iconic brands offering a unique concept.

Carnaby Street Food

For new talent and emerging brands in food, fashion, and lifestyle, Kingly Court offers three floors of independent retailers in a stunning open-air courtyard. Carnaby is known for holding fantastic shopping events, live music gigs and one-off pop-up concepts regularly.

Carnaby is located just a five-minute walk away from Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus tube stations in the heart of London’s West End

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