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England Flag Picture: England Flag In this section, I have tried to give information on England flag and how it came into being. Outsiders often misunderstand the Union Flag as England flag. Actually, it is the United Kingdom’s flag as a whole. Flags are national symbols and so a matter of national pride. Since its a sensitive issue, I have NOT written this information on my own, but used from the official sources mentioned below in external links.

The National flag of England:

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England Flag Picture

England Flag Picture

The flag of the UK is officially called the Union flag because it embodies the emblems of three countries united under one monarch.

The emblems that appear on the Union Flag are the crosses of the three patron Saints:

England Flag Picture the white diagonal cross, or saltire, of St Andrew, for Scotland, on a blue ground; England Flag Picture the red cross of St George, for England, on a white ground; and theEngland Flag Picture red diagonal cross attributed to St Patrick, for Ireland, on a white ground. England Flag Picture The Welsh Flag, a red dragon on a field of white and green, dates from the fifteenth century. Wales is not represented on the Union Flag because, by the time the first version of the flag appeared, Wales was already united with England