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Favorite Past Times In England,Fishing,Golf,Gardening

Favorite Past Times In England: Obviously, I do not have any stats to prove that this list is accurate, but this is what I think people in England enjoy the most:

Favorite Past Times In England


Although some may find it boring to hold the rod for hours hoping to catch a fish, some people really enjoy it. It can be very calming on your nerves.

You can get all sorts of fishing gears on shops or on eBay. Although, remember that at most places you will need a license to fish. You can’t just pick up the gadgets and start fishing.


The English countryside is very beautiful. This is partly due to the small villages and houses that have beautiful gardens. You will see many people working hard on their gardens during weekends.

There are gardening programmes on TV and there are some famous gardening events as well – like the Chelsea flower show.


Golf is another favorite past time in England. There are plenty of excellent golf courses. Although, this sport can be slightly expensive.

Don’t be surprised on a sunny day if someone says, I’m taking a day off to have a game today.

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